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Rest In Peace: Harry Anderson (1952 – 2018)

Friends, a little earlier today the Retroist made an announcement, down here in the Vault. It appears that Harry Anderson passed away today at age 65. I have to tell you in all honesty, I sat here in the control booth and had to fight back some tears. You see, Harry Anderson was indeed a role model for me in my youth. Thanks to his role as Judge Harold T. Stone in the hit NBC series, Night Court. I became a huge fan of magic, stylish hats, and of course the crooning of Mel Torme.

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I truly idolized Anderson. I attempted to adopt his sense of humor in interviews and roles on television. As well as his style of clothing, soon after entering Junior High School, I was always sporting a fedora. Even his hair style is something I attempted to copy. My Family barber was rather taken aback when I brought in a photo of Anderson, asking him to style my hair in a similar fashion.
Harry Anderson - Night Court

I suppose it was Harry Anderson’s craft in stage magic or illusion that endeared him to me the most. I was certainly surprised that I never caught any of his 8 appearances on Saturday Night Live. However I did manage to see him perform a few times on The Tonight Show. Like in this 1987 episode, where he entertains Johnny Carson and the audience with a levitation trick. One that was developed by Daniel Dunglas Home, an 19th century physical medium.

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Kudos to Johnny Carson of course in that clip for knowing how to go to commercial in style. One of the things I also appreciated about Harry Anderson was his honesty. He never shied away from talking about his days as a con man. A street magician at the tender age of 17. A fast-talker much like the character he played in Cheers. All in all, he appeared in 6 episode as Harry ‘The Hat’ Gittes between 1982 and 1993.

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From his roles in the 1988 remake of The Absent-Minded Professor, Tales from the Crypt, Stephen King’s It, as well as Dave’s World. I followed Anderson through them all and was always entertained. It’s hard to lose an idol but at the very least we have so many of his performances left behind to enjoy. Obviously we will dim the lights in the Vault’s auditorium in his honor.

Take a moment and enjoy Harry Anderson explaining how card tricks work. In addition while on the set of Night Court!

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Saturday Frights – Tales From The Crypt: Korman’s Kalamity

Welcome back fiendish friends for another installment of Saturday Frights! For this offering we have a particularly excellent episode from the second season of the HBO Tales From the Crypt series, “Korman’s Kalamity”. It features Harry Anderson (Night Court, It) as an illustrator named Jim Korman that works for a horror comic that is interestingly enough called Tales From the Crypt, he’s a daydreamer but thanks to the experimental fertility medicine his overbearing wife Mildred (Colleen Camp) is forcing him to take…whatever he happens to draw and concentrates upon turns up somewhere in the city and since he is illustrating monsters it’s starting to cause a problem. Which is how Police Officer Lorelei Phelps (Cynthia Gibb) finds her life about to be changed…

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A big thanks as always to Sean Hartter for that impressive piece of art you see up top, and another thanks to Drahken’s Intros to Halloween/Monster themed shows over on the Retroist forums, for the idea of this particular Saturday Frights.