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The Kids Dig The Doo-Wop…

I am convinced that Bowzer from Sha Na Na was the head of children’s programming for every network in the 80’s…well at the very least he had to have been in charge of cartoon theme songs. Don’t believe me? Check … Continue reading

Happy Days Fonz Pinball Table

At every thrift store and antique mall I visit, I always search every nook and cranny to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I found this gem hiding in a back area that I had almost missed. The seller had … Continue reading

Happy Days Action Figures

While out and about, I recently ran across a complete set of Happy Days action figures. I hate when I run across something “new”, thinking that it’s “old”. The giveaway, of course, was the URL written on the back of … Continue reading

Wishing Happy Days Were Here Again

If I made a list of top five favorite sitcoms of all time, Happy Days would be on that list. It may not be recognized for snappy writing but I think it’s the sitcom that is the most fun. It’s … Continue reading

Happy Days Collectibles – 1976 to 2011

John Tenuto, sent me a link to his wonderful Happy Days Collectibles photo group on Flickr the other day and I was instantly brought back to my days in front of the tube watching this show. The group has 52 … Continue reading

Who’s the Hotter “Happy Days” Tuscadero: Pinky or Leather?

“Happy Days?” Maybe not for Mr. Tuscadero. The father of Pinky and Leather must have had it rough; scaring off suitors for both his crazy-named (ready-for-the-stage) daughters. Not to mention, their literally race-y and rock-n-roll lifestyles. With that, I pose … Continue reading

1976 Home Video with Happy Days on in the Background

Whatever is going on in the foreground is very sweet, but look at that sweet Happy Days action on the TV way back in 1976. Great stuff from Neato Coolville.