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Sci-Fi Sunday: Lost In Space – The Animated Series Pilot (1973)

Welcome back to another episode of Sci-Fi Sunday and while what we are sharing today might not be quite as awesome as The Mini-Munsters from the last Saturday Frights, we still think it’s pretty special. It’s the 1973 offering from … Continue reading

Drak Pack – “Dred Goes Hollywood” (1980)

What better way to spend a Saturday in October than watching an episode of the awesome 80’s Hanna-Barbera produced Drak Pack? In this episode “Dred Goes Hollywood” the Drak Pack are stunned to find themselves being vilified in a motion … Continue reading

Vintage 1978 Godzilla Animation Original Production Drawing

Pictured in this original production drawing posted by Nemo Academy on Flickr is the sometimes maligned Godzooky. This was drawn by Animator, Tony Sgroi for the Hanna Barbera animated series from the 1970s. [via] Retroist Image Pool

1968 Yogi the Bear Anti-Smoking PSA

In this PSA from 1968 Yogi and Boo Boo discuss the vice of smoking and why it is so cool. Okay, they are a lot more anti-smoking in this PSA than that. They basically say that people who are smokers … Continue reading

Yogi Shot First

Don’t let all those revisionists fool you into thinking that Wally Gator shot first. As you can clearly see in this illustration by Christopher Tupa, Yogi is reaching for his gun and is about to lay into Wally under the … Continue reading

Classic Cartoons and Classical Music

I’m relatively certain that I would have had little to no exposure to classical music without having watched copious amounts of cartoons. Those of us fortunate to have grown up during the 1970s will undoubtedly have feasted our eyes on … Continue reading

Hanna-Barbera Presents Indiana and the Treasure Gang by Andrew Hunter

Oh if only mockups and mashups could be made into reality. As a kid (and now) I would have watched this with the fierceness of 1000 burning suns. [via] Andrew Hunter