I Will Fix You Pumpkinhead


Do you recognize this photo? Probably not. It is an image from the 1985 nearly great sequel to “The Wizard of Oz”, “Return to Oz”. I remembered liking this as a kid so I thought I would watch it again and I was pleasantly surprised. When you sit down you really got to try and forget that it is the sequel to one of the most memorable films in American Film history.

Its a hard act to follow and its flawed to be sure, but the imagery is great and imaginative and Fairuza Balk makes a great Dorothy. If you don’t like it or have not seen it I suggest you watch it again and try to appreciate it in the same way you might enjoy “Legend” or “The Dark Crystal”.

I have always valued my lifelessness.

I have always valued my lifelessness.

Halloween Original Movie Trailer


John Carpenter got it all right with this horror classic. Every year I watch it and it just seems to get tighter and more well made every time. Genius.

I try and watch this as close to Halloween night as possible every year. Lets see if I can hold out to the 31st. In the meantime trailers and entertaining, but inferior sequels will have to suffice.


When A Stranger Calls Audience Response Trailer


What a great movie! I am not going to write another review of it, you can check out how I felt about it last year. But I figured this trailer itself is worth revisiting.

I love these hidden camera trailers that show audience reaction. The last time I saw one was for “Jackass”. It works well for comedy, but people’s reaction to horror is so much more of a seller. Tomorrow is the “Unnatural”, never seen it before and I am psyched.