Remember Johnny Hero?

Johnny Hero was a thirteen inch tall figure produced by Rosko Industries for Sears. It was basically a sports figure that could be fitted with various team uniforms. Several sports team uniforms were made for good ol’ Johnny, including the Washington Redskins and other NFL and AFL teams as well as MLB teams. The uniform kits included plastic helmets and were printed in team colors. Later on Johnny was repackaged as Olympic Hero.

As you can see in this Johnny from Hake’s, when you got your Johnny he came with a snappy red uncomfortable looking track suit.

merry christmas mickey mouse

Vintage Mickey Mouse Christmas Book Premium

Love the cover on this premium Mickey Mouse book from Hake’s. The 16 page book was published in 1939 and was given away back then as part of a shoe store giveaway. The cover is just wonderful and if it did not have the “with Mickey Mouse”, it would make for a wonderful Christmas card. Definitely worth checking out if you are a Disney fan.

merry christmas mickey mouse

[via] Hake’s

Shmoo Soap

I had a punchable Shmoo as a kid. Not sure where I got it, but I know my Grandmother really got a kick out of it. I always wondered why until I realized that Shmoo was a character from the late 1940s. Shmoo was like a force of nature when he came out and products appeared on the shelves. Amongst those products was this unusual Shmoo Soap that is being sold on Hakes with its original box.

shmoo soap

2.5x4x2.25″ deep box contains 3.25″ tall figural Shmoo soap figure designed by Lynda Moore for Kerk Guild Inc. Soap bears striking resemblance to Al Capp’s beloved character w/black facial accents painted on, some of these appearing faint. Soap has aged somewhat but remains completely intact and comes w/original packing material. VF. Box lid has bw Al Capp art showing Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae w/2 Shmoos exclaiming “A Soapy Shmoo!!” ©1948 United Features. Box lid side reads “Al Capp’s Soapy Shmoos.” Lid has aged w/.25x.5″ area of surface paper lift by Daisy but box is Fine overall.