Claymation Werewolf…The new transformation

In my role as Cartoon Alternative Historian to all of the internet, it’s important for me to know the ins and outs of all of cartoondom. However, as much as it pains me to admit it; there are on rare occasions shows that slip through the cracks. While these shows may dwell on the other side of the tracks in Toon Town, it is a failure on my part to have not given them the same investigative journalism that I show to all of the retro animation nation. I knew I had to learn all I could and teach it to you, the brave Retroist Reader.

However, immediately after having this noble and forward thinking thought, another thought occurred to me. What if I didn’t do that at all? What if instead I review these cartoons in a cheap and shallow way immediately after watching the show or episode for the first time and base my thoughts on first impressions and false assumptions! Instead of hard hitting facts and a deeper understanding of the cartoons in question, you will be able to see me humiliate myself as I try to get a grasp on some of the weirdest and rarest collection of retro cartoons I can find.

I have contacted a secret tribe to help me in my endeavors. They are the people of YuTueb. The Yutuebians are an ancient society with a massive historical archive, preserved in video form. In keeping with the time honored traditions of these people I will view their historical archives in the format they hold most dear; dividing each archive entry into small segments ranging in length from 8-13 minutes.

After I view each of these mini segments I will write a thoughtless and misguided interpretation of what I have seen so far. The reports will be divided into segments: an Introduction- in which I talk about the viewing history (if any at all) and any thoughts I may have had about the show as a kid and on into today. After the introduction I will dedicate 1-2 paragraphs for each YuTueb segment and finally a closing. These will be short, fast paced posts and I sincerely hope that they bring you plenty of entertainment at my expense! The first two subjects in the hopper are Robocop the Animate Series, and The Wuzzles.

…this should be fun!
-The Claymation Werewolf

Gameplay Mapping Using an NES Emulator and Timelapse


Above is the actual path that a player takes while play Super Mario Bros 3. The guy who came up with this who goes by the username ahefner has cleverly made a way to build a gameplay automap while he plays. These could be used as a guide for future users who want to know the proper way to play a particular side scrolling game. Super cool.

To see the full map and to get more information on how he did it check out the NES Timelapse Hack.