Robocop’s Auto-9


One of RoboCop’s essential tools in controlling crime in Detroit is his sidearm, the Auto-9. It’s one thing to suggest people “stay out of trouble.” It’s another thing to demand they do so with this thing pointed at them.

In the RoboCop universe, the Auto-9 is a 9mm weapon that held 50 rounds and was able to fire in bursts of 3 rounds, 7 rounds, and when things really hit the fan, fully-auto mode. In reality the gun was a modified Beretta m93r pistol. Most of the modifications were the make the gun look bigger on-screen due to the size of RoboCop’s armor.

Unfortunately for those of us who wanted to wave a toy gun around that looked like RoboCop’s, there were few choices. About the closest collectors have found is this blue toy SWAT gun, occasionally found in dollar stores.


With a bit of elbow grease and a coat of black paint, the gun is a reasonable facsimile of RoboCop’s Auto-9.


Photo and work by G17RDY of the Retro Prop Forum.

The other option RoboCop fans have is picking up one of the official RoboCop Airsoft versions of the Auto-9. Availability and prices tend to vary on these, so if you want one and you find one, I’d pick it up.


“Stay out of trouble.”