Retro Records: Groovie Goolies (1970)

Drak Pack
In my youth when it came to horror related cartoons, for my money nothing could top Hanna-Barbera’s 1980 Saturday morning cartoon series the Drak Pack!

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Although my love for that particular TV show didn’t mean I wasn’t ready at the drop of the hat to watch anything that had some connection to something supernatural, whether that be Scooby-Doo, Goober and the Ghost Chasers, or of course the Groovie Goolies. Although in my neck of the woods it was never on at a regular time, it was syndicated of course but it would always air on a Sunday afternoon…well…sometimes it would air on a Sunday afternoon. It was a gigantic letdown to get home from church and plop down in front of the TV, anxiously waiting for the tube to warm up and see…Wagon Train.

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Wolfie actually kind of scares me.

Wolfie actually kind of scares me.

In 1970 RCA Victor produced this Groovy Goolies LP featuring ten songs:
Save Your Good Lovin’ For Me, Bumble Goolie, We Go So Good Together, Frankie, Goolie Get-Together (Theme), First Annual Semi-Formal Combination Celebration Meet-the-Monster Population Party, Spend Some Time Together, Cling, Clang, Goolie Garden, One, Two, Three.

Sadly this is the only song I could find online but it’s an enjoyable bit of fun and Drac, Frankie, and Wolfie should help get you into the Halloween spirit.

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Groovie Goolies (DVD Collection)

If you’re looking for something both Halloween-related and retro to watch this month, you could do worse than to pick up the complete Groovie Goolies collection DVD.


I can remember watching the Groovie Goolies on television in the late 70s each morning while waiting for the school bus to come. I am literally floored that there were only 16 episodes. I would have guessed there were a hundred.

Both Drac (the vampire) and Ratso were voiced by Larry Storch, whom you might best remember as Corporal Randolph Agarn from F-Troop. Throughout the years Storch also provided many voices on shows cartoons such as Garfield and Friends, Ghostbusters, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show, The Pink Panther Show, and was the first person to voice The Joker in the 1960s Filmation series The Adventures of Batman.

Many of the other characters on the show including Frankie (a charactature of Frankenstein’s Monster), Wolife (the wolfman), Dr. Jekyll, the Mummy, Hauntleroy and Ghoulihand were all voiced by Howard Morris. Morris also provided the voice of Wade Duck on Garfield and Friends and Jet Screamer on the Jetsons. He also appeared on shows such as Duckman, Yo Yogi!, Ducktales, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, and many others. Some Retroist fans may remember Morris as Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show, but I will always remember him as the original voice of The Hamburgler in McDonald’s commercials.

Jane Webb provided the voice of most of the show’s female characters, including Hagatha (the witch) and Bella La Ghostly. Webb provided voices for many Filmation projects. She voiced Sabrina in multiple Sabrina the Teenage Witch cartoons and provided voices for both Betty and Veronica in several Filmation Archie productions.

Larry D. Mann rounded out the cast, providing voices for Hyde (Dr. Jekyll’s other head), Boneapart, and Ratso’s twin Batso. While Mann appeared in over two dozen films and on at least twice that many television shows, I have to think fans of the Retroist would know Mann best as the voice of Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

The DVD also contains a 45 minute “docu-comedy”, audio commentary for two episodes, a collection of behind-the-scenes images, and a few other odds and ends. Amazon is currently selling the 3-disc collection for $49, but I have seen it far cheaper at local retail outlets, so check around.

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