Kerb Drill - Batman - Adam West

Check Out 1967’s Kerb Drill UK PSA Featuring Batman!

In this absolutely fantastic day and age when the internet makes nearly everything known. It is indeed a joy to be able to stumble upon little nuggets of pop culture goodness you haven’t seen before. Case in point this 1967 public service announcement. On the subject of road safety and presented by none other than the Caped Crusader. Yes, indeed, the one and only Adam West in Kerb Drill!

Kerb Drill - Adam West - Batcamera

I have to admit that I am digging that Batcamera the Caped Crusader is sporting.

At the time of Kerb Drill’s release, the TV series had probably just finished it’s second season. I suppose the World was still riding high on the Bat-mania from after the ’66 series became so immensely popular. As well as Batman: The Movie having been released in the UK in December of 1966. It is no wonder that they recruited Adam West to speak to the kids about road safety. This public service announcement is similar to the Green Cross Code PSA’s that David Prowse would do in 1975.
Kerb Drill - David Prowse - Green Cross Man

Within the brief minute long PSA, Batman kindly explains that has taken a quick holiday from Gotham City. To not only visit London of course but crime fighting as well. Although the Caped Crusader wants children to know that there is one danger they can never ignore. That deadly daily danger of so much vehicular traffic! Obviously Batman explains the importance of the Kerb Drill, demonstrating it with the help of some young fans.

Not only is the UK PSA rather charming and delightful, it was also considered to be lost. It was in fact uncovered by the Birmingham based Kaleidoscope organization. A group dedicated to tracking down lost UK television rarities such as this public service announcement. Which they believe has never been seen by the World until it was presented last month.

Ready to travel back to 1967 with Batman and learn all about the Kerb Drill?

[Via] I Am Birmingham

Sarah and Tim learn the Green Cross Code

Green Cross Code

One of the most enduring memories I have from watching TV in my childhood is of the Green Cross Code and the many, many commercials that I was subjected to with advice for crossing the roads of Britain.

This isn’t a bad thing though, the lessons learned from those early years are still with me, and continue to be passed along to my children, even though the green cross code is no longer in active service. Some of the commercials were really very good, especially the animated Green Cross Code man, at around the 3 minute mark in the video below.

Stop. Look. Listen. Think! Fellow Retroist, VicSage, has posted previously about Darth Vadar’s stint as the Green Cross Code man and a few years later SuperTed took on the same mantle, which I wrote about here.