Have you got The Krypton Factor?

The Krypton Factor

For almost 20 years, one game show stood head and shoulders above all others in the UK – The Krypton Factor. Starting in 1979 and running through to 1995, this multi-format show pitted 4 contestants against each other in a series of mental and physical challenges and, for my family, was must-watch TV each week.

This 1983 episode was a ‘Great Britons’ special, featuring some of Britains’ finest. I love the number block puzzle in round 3 which really foxes one of the contestants.

Sadly this episode doesn’t include the true star of the show – the flight simulator – introduced in 1986. Watching random people trying to land a variety of aircraft was thrilling, especially when they would accidentally ditch Concorde into the sea. Here’s a little of the simulator from some of the early 90’s episodes.

I would have loved to have taken part in this show… or at least that is what I tell myself…