Luigi Cozzi’s Eggcellent Film Contamination (1980)!

Coffee, eggs...add some bacon and we have breakfast...

Coffee, eggs…add some bacon and we have breakfast…

As all you ghouls know, I’m a huge fan of Italian science fiction director Luigi Cozzi. While many of you may be familiar with his magnum opus Starcrash, or his series of Hercules flicks starring the Incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno, did you know he also directed a hybrid of Alien and a 1950’s drive-in movie? Well he did, and it is completely insane.

Alien eggs make people’s chest’s explode, there’s sub-plots involving the exploration of Mars and coffee importing/exporting, and of course there’s an alien overlord that has one eye, two mouths and a killer tentacle!

And as an extra bonus, here is the film’s soundtrack as performed by Goblin (because who can have enough Goblin posts in a single weekend?)!

Goblin Performs Profondo Rosso


Recently Italian soundtrack maestros Goblin were to perform a concert within spittin’ distance of the crypt of the ol’ Ouija Board Kid, but alas they ended up cancelling the gig. Well, unlike the last few times I went looking for something on YouTube, this time I was able to find an amazing vintage performance by Simonetti and the boys rocking out the theme to Argento’s Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)!