Glow-in-the-dark RoboCop Action Figure


Several RoboCop toys and action figures have been released throughout the years, but this 7″ tall glow-in-the-dark RoboCop action figure from NECA is one of the strangest. Sold as a Toys ‘R Us exclusive, this is a retro-styled version of “Night Fighter” RoboCop. He looks just like RoboCop.

Except he glows in the dark.

Which makes no sense.

Because RoboCop didn’t glow in the dark.

Believe it or not, this was not the first glow-in-the-dark RoboCop figure. In 1989, one with cap-firing capabilities was available as a mail away with proof of purchases.

Dream Glow Barbie

You can find Dream Glow Barbies and Kens on the web at pretty affordable prices. Affordable enough to make all your glow in the dark Barbie dreams come true. I was doing a search for something else, when I found this ad for the Dream Glow line and just like a dozen other Barbie tag lines, this one was stuck in my brain and I found myself singing along. How did they do that?

Oh well, what is interesting about this commercial is that they say right in the ad that they are using special fabric to enhance the glow effect for tv. I wonder how close the real dolls were when you got them home. Oh and just a reminder, if you love playing with your toys, nothing is better than playing with them all ghostly and barely visible in a pitch black room.

1939 “The Shadow” Secret Society Glow in the Dark Button

I am not too knowledgeable about the history of “glow in the dark” technology. I guess I kind of assumed it was a post atomic age tech, but this “The Shadow” buttons from Hake’s shows the ability to make things light up in the dark was alive and well in the late 1930s (courtesy of your Blue Coal dealer).

What is amazing is that after 70+ years, this premium still glows in the dark.