The innards of a Gremlin!

Brad McGinty's Gremlin and Gizmo

Do you own a Mogwai? Do you plan on purchasing one? Then this is the perfect fan-art for you! Artist Brad McGinty creates great art, much of it with a retro vibe. His ‘Anatomy of’ prints are wonderful creations, not least because they retain some mystery thanks to the use of Chinese writing!

The artist also created similar prints for Alien and Predator making those characters look even more menacing!

Anatomy Alien/Predator set

Delve into the artist portfolio site and you’ll also find a very scary rendition of Ronald McDonald!

Gremlin’s Gizmo Portrait Plate

Do you remember walking through your Great Aunt’s home wondering why she hung plates all over her wall? Did you think to yourself, why would she do this? I will never hand a plate on my wall! Well I used to feel the same way until I started enjoying these ironic twists on the classic collector plates, the Altered Antique Plate. They take a perfectly boring plate and add interesting pop culture characters to them. The result is conversation starting awesomneness. Gizmo!

Gizmo Portrait Plate (Sold out a long time ago) [@] Etsy

8bit gremlins wallpaper

Gremlins Gizmo Hat

So here’s the thing about being in my family. Sometimes, I’m going to ask you to do stupid things. And sometimes, I’m going to digitally capture those stupid moments with my phone. And sometimes, those photos are going to make their way on to the internet.

With that being said, here’s my son wearing a “Gizmo” Gremlins hat that I ran across at F.Y.E.

Sorry, kiddo. It’s nothing a few years of therapy won’t take care of a few years down the road …