Invisible Man Weeble

I’ve been searching for a Weeble Ghost ever since Vic reminded us of the Weeble Haunted House. I still haven’t found one, but my Ebay saved searches recently turned up this rare, related Weeble: The Invisible Man!
As you can see, the Invisible Man Weeble is basically a clear Weeble shell with a top hat, gloves, and boots. Both the clear shell and the accessories represent an invisible man. An invisible man who wobbles but doesn’t fall down. Making this even cooler, the accessories glow in the dark.

Neatocoolville has a lot more info on the Weebles Invisible Man. Check out that write up here.

Ghost Weeble Bop Bag

I’ve been looking for a Weebles Ghost for quite some time. The Weebles Ghost came in the Haunted House and Ghost Van playsets. It’s big feature was that it glowed in the dark and had an adorable face. Seriously, the Weebles Ghost make Casper look like the Elephant Man. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find one that A) is a price I’m willing to pay and B) still has the face on it. Today, though, I found the next best thing: the Ghost Weeble Bop Bag.

Look at those brutes, roughing up this adorable ghost!

Look at those brutes, roughing up this adorable ghost!

I had no idea a Ghost Weeble Bop Bag existed. I had no idea bop bags in general still existed. You’d think they’d have been outlawed along with Jarts for being dangerous and promoting violence. But they did exist at one time, and the Romper Room Company, apparently eager to capitalize on what was no doubt the most popular Weeble of all time, made a Ghost one. The bop bag Ghost has pretty much the same adorable expression as the Weeble figure, which is undeniably the least scary ghost face imaginable, but it also has the word “Boo” and some ghostly legs on it. It’s hard to imagine that kids would be hitting this cute ghost with the gusto that the kids on the package are. Okay, it’s not so hard to imagine. I would have certainly taken a swing at it myself back in the day. But I at least would have felt bad about doing it. After all, he’s such a cute ghost!

Spooky Tricks

The Retroist has shared quite a few embarrassing stories from his childhood with us in the podcast, and I thought it was time for me to do the same. When I was in grade school (maybe 3rd grade?), I did a magic act for our school talent show. I went on stage and performed a few tricks. I had no costume, no repartee with the crowd, and no real talent, and I accordingly got no applause. Not from my fellow students. Not even from the teachers. The auditorium was deathly silent as I stumbled my way through my act and even more silent as I took my bow and sat down. It remains one of my greatest shames to date. What possessed me to do such a foolhardy thing? Spooky Tricks by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames.

Spooky Tricks was a book I had somehow gotten my hands on in those young days. It blended two things I was quite fond of: magic and ghosts. The book not only instructed you how to perform some simple tricks, but it illustrated these instructions with some very evocative pictures of specters and other spooky things.

I recently acquired a copy of this book. I hadn’t remembered that it was “An I CAN READ Book” (and I was really surprised when I discovered it was), but I had remembered just about everything in it. I found memories on every page. There are things from this book I still do today, such as put a tube to one eye so I can see “holes” in my hand. There are too many pages I remembered to show here, but this is a small sampling.

There was also a ghost helper called Willie who featured in several of the tricks, and a two-headed ghost who popped up in the beginning and end. They were more charming than scary, and I stared at their pictures for long amounts of time.

Looking at Spooky Tricks today, I think it is a strange thing to give kids. Even though it isn’t dripping with evil, it is still a little off in its talk of spooks and death (there is one trick in which you “stop” your pulse), and I probably wouldn’t give it to my daughter. I’m glad nobody stopped me from getting it back then, though. I’m glad I had it. I just wish it hadn’t convinced me to do that magic act.

Find a lot more great scans from Spooky Tricks here.

Remote Controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost

If you’re starting to put your Christmas wish list together, these remote-controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost racers would be a fine thing to add to your list!

(Photo courtest of

Each racer plays the theme from the arcade version of Pac-Man while driving. (According to reviews, the sound can also be turned off if this becomes annoying.) Although the two-pack of racers originally retailed for $60, Amazon has the two-pack right now for $45, and as you can see below, I recently spotted the individually packaged racers for $25 each at Fry’s Electronics.