Lunchboxes: Buck Rogers vs. Get Smart

I decided to make this series a bit more interactive by putting two lunchboxes head-to-head. After showing them both to you, place your votes in the comment section and let’s see which of these two lunchboxes is the best!

First up? Get Smart!


There’s some weird stuff going on in this picture. The perspective of that gun is wonky, and what in the world is that dog doing? Maybe he’s just trying to “hold it” until Maxwell Smart gets away from that fire hydrant!


On the back we see a little more action. You’ve got someone firing a gun and tripping over a small stool (always a hilarious combination), with Agent 99 tied to a post and Maxwell’s dog Fang biting some random evil henchman’s arm, all while Maxwell Smart mugs for the camera. You have work to do, Mr. Smart — get moving!

Our next lunchbox jumps forward five centuries, taking us from the 20th to the 25th. It’s Buck Rogers!


On the front of the lunchbox we have Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard), Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray), and of course Twiki (voiced by Mel Blanc). You can also see a Draconian Marauder coming up from the lower left.


Here you can see the crew in the cockpit of a ship. My favorite thing about this picture (other than a cameo appearance by Lobot) is the fact that while everyone else is obviously concentrating on piloting the ship, Buck Rogers is smirking toward the camera. “Hey man, you guys worry about the ship — I’m Buck Rogers, baby.”

If you were a kid, which of these two lunchboxes would you have rather had? Voting lines (the comment section) are open — vote now!

Build Your Very Own “Get Smart” Shoe Phone

Want to stand out in a crowd and the latest 3G smartphone just won’t cut it with the people you hang with? How about you open a whopping can of retro on them and build a shoe phone just like Maxwell Smart had in the TV series “Get Smart”. Is it sort of complicated? Yes, but can you do it? I have faith in you. To get started head over to Instructables, where gardners has put together instructions on how you can put together your very own Shoe Phone.

A Get Smart Style Shoe Phone [@] Instructables