Phantasm Ornament

Mondo’s Phantasm Ornament Is A Ball. Madballs Too!

I should absolutely clarify that statement. Mondo is totally offering the Sentinel Sphere as an ornament for your Christmas tree. I ask you, what is more festive than a Phantasm ornament? Who wouldn’t want to hang the deadly flying device of the Tall Man from 1979’s cult classic Phantasm on their bough? How can it get any better than that?

In this case I suppose the answer might be an ornament of the Tall Man himself. Although a strong argument could be made of course for the addition of the deadly Dwarves from the film.

However, it IS the time of year to be thankful. As always of course Mondo gives plenty of reasons for that.

Phantasm Ornament

All images courtesy of Mondo.

This has been given the blessing of the creator of Phantasm, Don Coscarelli. Of course. Which is why Mondo teamed up with Middle of Beyond to produce the Sentinel Sphere ornament.
Phantasm ornament
Seriously. How can you not want Phantasm’s Sentinel Sphere on your tree? Now you can hop right on over to Mondo’s Official shop site to order your very own.

Now how do you top the Phantasm ornament? With Madballs of course!

[Via] American Greetings Entertainment

Madballs was created in 1985 by American Greetings – that is totally right. The same company that dreamed up the Care Bears had a hand in this 80’s merchandising property. Why were these goofy balls so popular to kids in the mid-80s? For one thing all sorts of gross-out properties were popular at that time. I give you the Garbage Pail Kids as an prime example!

Now thanks to Mondo and Middle of Beyond you too can proudly display Horn Head, Slobulus, Dust Brain, and Skull Face on your tree! You can click here to visit Middle of the Beyond’s official site to purchase the Madballs ornaments.

I can only presume by next year we will be able to purchase Inhumanoids and Beetlejuice ornaments!

Garbage Pail Kids Book

A fan of ANESthetized thinks I can do more with it, and as proof he sent me an article about the new Garbage Pail Kids book that was released April 1. I’m not sure about doing more with ANESthetized, but I was happy to learn about the book. All 206 of the Garbage Pail Kids in one place? And there’s even a Kindle version? I’ve got to have it.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon (though they were having issues at the time of this writing). And it looks like there are Wacky Packages< books, too!

Topps American Pie Cards

Most of us know Topps for their baseball and football cards. Okay, maybe most of us here at know them for Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages, but we know them. Recently, I discovered some Topps cards that are right up our retro alley: Topps American Pie Cards.

The American Pie Cards cover the past couple decades of American life. There are 200 base cards showing the people and events of these decades. These base cards start with the end of WWII and end with Hurricane Irene. There are 50 Hollywood Walk of Fame cards with images of Fred Astair, Errol Flynn, and the like, and 38 autograph cards featuring the signatures of such luminaries as Don McClean, Tia Carrere and Tom Arnold. And most interestingly of all, there are 30 Fads and Fashions cards. This last category covers these crazes of the past several years:

Pet Rocks
Slap Bracelets
Trucker Hats
Hula Hoops
Coonskin Caps
Poodle Skirts
3D Movies
Rickie Tickie Stickers
Troll Dolls
Lava Lamps
Go-Go Boots
Mood Rings
Hypercolor T-Shirts
Big Hair
Baby On Board
Friendship Bracelets
The Macarena
Bleached Hair
Beanie Babies
Tickle Me Elmo
Texas Hold ’em
The Atkins Diet
Livestrong Wristbands
Flagpole Sitting
Goldfish Swallowing
Kilroy Was Here
Telephone Booth Stuffing
Zoot Suits

Not only do these Fads and Fashions cards cover some great territory, but they have a great design as well:

To be honest, I haven’t collected cards since middle school, but if I did, I’d collect these. Okay, I’d collect Garbage Pail Kids, but these would be next!