Friday Flyers: Bigfoot Bonkers (1976)

The little I have been able to dig up on this game comes from the all mighty Wikipedia: “Bigfoot Bonkers is an 2-player maze arcade game released by Meadows Games in 1976. Players move their blocks across the screen to create walls to try and surround their opponents and force them to crash into the walls or any block or obstacle like a ‘foot’. This type of game appeared in many variants on many computers and consoles over the years, and was popular on mobile phones like Nokia many years later as one of the default games called “Snake”.”

So is this what started the Tron lightcycle craze? As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the scanned flyer you see posted above. Remember to stop by the games portion of the Retroist site at Game Reviews to check out the review of Bank Heist by the Retroist himself!