Cabin Fever

Retro Guy’s Winter Day: Cabin Fever – VC & RVG #9

Cabin Fever…a lot of us suffer from it during the winter. Even people who usually spend most of their time indoors playing retro video games as well as messing around with vintage computers.
Cabin Fever

So I decided to make a video of how I usually pass a winter’s day and fight off cabin fever.

For this ninth video of Vintage Computers & Retro Video Games – I’m joined once again by my robot friend, Robie Junior from Radio Shack.

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When I’m not working on my boxing website, I am in fact scrounging the internet and thrift shops for vintage computer systems & retro gaming consoles. When you have the time make sure to visit my personal YouTube page for more retro fun.

The Blues Brothers: The Video Games

The Blues Brothers

The Retroist Blues Brothers podcast has sparked lots of memories for me, not least of which is of the hours that I spent playing the game of the film on my Amiga in the early 90’s. I was going to write a post about just that game, but after a quick play of the game and lots of research, I thought it would be much more fun to take a look at the various versions of the game released instead.

I’ll start with the game closest to my heart – the Amiga version, released in 1991 by Titus. I recall at the time that Amiga Format magazine loved the game and I was quick to snap it up at my local computer store. The first thing to hit me was the quality of the in-game audio. I was a huge fan of the film and thought that Titus did a wonderful job of recreating the music. Sadly, I didn’t agree with the magazines of the era about the quality of the game. Sure, it looked quite nice, but the platforming antics of Jake and Elwood left me a little cold. I did eventually beat the game but my lasting memory of the experience is of the soundtrack, not the gameplay.

Also released in the same year as the Amiga version were efforts for the Atari ST and PC. I say ‘efforts’ because both were lumbered with very mediocre versions of the game. Considering both machines had similar capabilities to their rival from Commodore, the screen flipping, poor quality sprites and inferior audio leaves me pleased that I had an Amiga!

That said, if you were yet to climb to 16-bits in 1991 and you still owned an Amstrad CPC, you were stuck with this…

Thankfully the C64 version raised the 8-bit flag high, using the SID chip to maximum effect and delivering a quality game that I’d actually like to go back and play now.

Jump into 1992 and the Nintendo Entertainment System found itself the lucky (!) recipient of its own variation. I didn’t own a NES at the time but I do recall a friend having this game and he let me have a play for a few minutes. It was horrible. I was used to the pace of my Amiga copy and the speed of this NES update was a little too quick for me. Watching the video now proves that my younger self was right to steer clear, though I do think they did a good job with the sound.

Next up is the Nintendo Gameboy version from 1994. I owned a Gameboy but this game never entered my radar and this is the first I’ve seen of it. Strangely, the first thing to hit you about this game isn’t the graphics, it’s the music! The themes and songs used in the film are so iconic that even the diminutive Gameboy is capable of recreating a fine rendition. The game looks to be based on the 1991 originals, though the levels are very different to those that I played. Whilst this is clearly not a Mario-beater, I think this version of the game looks like a great game and I might have to have a play in the near future.

During 1993 there were other Blues Brothers games released. Subtitled as “Jukebox Adventure” and released on the SNES, PC and Gameboy, they are considered to be truly terrible with many people saying they are WORSE than the Blues Brothers 2000 film! High praise indeed, and I think worthy of their own Retroist article, which I’ll write in the near future. For now, here’s a little preview of what’s to come – look out for the BB 6-pack!

Oh, and if you’re lucky, I might take a look at the Blues Brothers 2000 game next time too!

Devo’s Whip It in 8Bit

anyone who visits the massive Juggernaut that is probably knows we love Devo here and if you haven’t heard their latest album Something for Everybody then you should probably give it a whirl.
**image created at C64yourself(beta)**
Even if you have never heard of Devo (shame on you) then there is still a big chance you have heard their excellent 1980 single ‘Whip it’ which works so unashamedly in 8bit I can imagine myself playing ‘Devo’s Adventure Castle’ on a NES or even Gameboy… but not on the Sega Master System ;)
This 8Bit concoction was put together buy the youtuber 8BITTS and I think you will agree it’s a mighty tune if ever there was.