Retroist Game Room Challenge Update!

Friends, almost all of the challenges have been sent, there are are only a couple that have not accepted the friend requests yet from my Gamertag, Unicron2005. For those that entered the challenge please make sure to check your Xbox Live mail for the chance to claim the High Score spot on Missile Command, you only have about 5 days to give your three best tries before we announce the winner and reward the Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light prepaid card.

So far it looks like Metaboy is in the lead with an impressive 12,390 points!

Retroist Game Room Challenge: Missile Command

Friends, tonight is the night, you still have time to enter the Retroist Game Room Challenge! Later this evening the invites and challenges will go out to those who have left their Gamertag in the comments section as well as those that have contacted me through XBox Live. My Gamertag is Unicron2005.

Remember, up for grabs is the prepaid Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light card, the full game ready to download for whoever happens to win the High-Score challenge. I did forget to mention in the last post that you once you step up to the challenge you will be allowed only three attempts at claiming that Missile Command High-Score crown.

Retroist Game Room Challenge: Missile Command!

It has begun, friends. We have our very first Retroist Xbox Live Game Room Challenge and the the arcade title that has been picked this go around is none other than the hugely popular Missile Command. You might remember the awesome podcast that was done a few months back, if not make sure to take a moment and give it a listen!

Now up for grabs in this challenge, more than bragging rights I mean, is none other than a brand spanking new DLC pre-paid card for Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light!

So what do you need to do? Well, you need to make sure you have purchased the Missile Command arcade cabinet in your Xbox Live Game Room (200 points) and then you need to leave your Gamertag for Xbox Live in the comments section and before you know it you shall receive an invite from myself. My Gamertag is Unicron2005 by the way, then you will have seven days to post the high-score thereby netting you the prize!

This is merely the beginning of the excitement, friends, feel free to add any Game Room title you feel should be up for consideration for the next challenge.

Here is something that will get you in the mood for some Missile Command!