Art of Bits, Bits of Art: Fine Art from Classic Video Games

Last week via Facebook I received an invite to an art show titled “Art of Bits, Bits of Art,” which took place at a local art gallery in Oklahoma City. The show consisted of works of art dedicated to classic video games. The show was free and consisted of some fantastic creations, like the Mario and Donkey Kong cut you see above. I shot somewhere around a hundred photos at the show but will just share a few of them.

Along with Donkey Kong, there were many traditional classic figures including this oil painting of MegaMan.

Unlike the peril he was facing, Mario’s cottage looked much more relaxing.

A few modern video game characters found their way into the exhibit, like these creepers from Minecraft.

The creepers were mounted above Nerf dart guns, which visitors were encouraged to shoot the creepers with.

Some of the works of art, like this hand-blown glass Mario, were very small…

…while others, like this airbrushed painting of Earthworm Jim, were quite large.

One of my favorite things is re-purposed items, like this old skateboard with a ferocious-looking Pac-Man chasing ghosts painted on it.

The kids and I spent over an hour wandering around the gallery. Next door, some locals artists were performing a glass-blowing demonstration while other local DJs remixed 80s video game tunes. It was a great experience that really got me thinking about how 8-bit video games really were art. We stayed until Pac-Man told us it was time to go.

Retro Kids Cereals Gallery


I love cereal. If it was not for my legendary love of bacon. I would say with confidence that I could exist upon milk drenched nuggets till the end of days. Just this morning I was at the supermarket prepping for a holiday feast. I stumbled down the cereal aisle and picked up a couple of giant boxes of Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes.

Of course this put me in the mood to explore some of the older cereals. I found this great gallery of old cereal boxes. Makes me want to make my own gallery. Hmmm.

Retro Kids Cereal Boxes [via] The Imaginary World