Major Disaster

IWA Star Studded Wrestling: Major Disaster

Major Disaster
Super stoked! I picked up this IWA Star Studded Wrestler, Major Disaster in a trade with a stranger on Facebook. I had a different guy that I got at the Santa Rosa Toy Con but he wasn’t one of my favorite dudes. It was The Russian Wolf.

So when I mentioned during a posting on a wrestling figure group that I had the Wolf a fella messaged me and asked if I’d be willing to trade for a Major Disaster that he had doubles of. I was totally interested.

So, anyhow are you familiar with these dudes? BITD, and even still today I was crazy into wrestling and I’d pick up just about anything wrestling related that I could afford. Do you remember how at the Toys R Us they had an aisle of like lower quality or lower priced action figures? Like Eagle Force and whatever Remco had out at the time plus No Name Fare type stuff..? These guys were found there. As I recall they were also fairly cheap. Which was a concern for me, a kid on a budget.. Here is a pic of the back of the card where you can see The Major’s bio and such.

I liked how each grappler had a backstory. That raised them over other random wrestling figures of the time. It made them seem more important. More real.

I believe that I actually had every dude. I recall getting a multi-pack that had 4 dudes and that I picked up the other ones individually. There was also a ring but it was like 20 bucks and way out of my price range.

Major Disaster here was one of my faves. He crossed over into my GI Joe Universe and acted as a mercenary for The Joe Team.
Major Disaster

I imagined that he was like a super tough master of unarmed combat. He also engaged in some classic fights with Cobra’s boxing instructor Big Boa in my yard.

I actually built a small ring out of a piece of wood, some long nails and giant rubber-bands. They’d break all the time.

I ran a small circuit with The Major, Big Boa, Sgt. Slaughter and some other figures that I thought were tough, Remco Mr. Miyagi too if I remember right.

Here is a nice pic of the rest of the dudes. Overall The Iron Barbarian was my fave. This was back in The Mad Max days where Punk Rock dudes where super scary so he really grabbed my attention. He also crossed over into my personal GI Joe Universe. He of course joined Cobra and was a Drednok of sorts before I had Zartan and his crew.

I actually had The Iron Barbarian way after I’d gotten rid of a lot of my childhood actions figures, most of them were real haggard. I wish I still had them but also wish that I’d taken better care of them so that it would have been worth keeping. Anyway, I held onto The Barbarian forever. His punk rock stylings earned him a place in my house amongst my early 20’s knick-knacks.

I actually don’t remember when he disappeared. It was one of those things where one day you notice that something that should be there isn’t there but you also realize that it’s pointless looking for it because it’d probably been gone for quite awhile. My guess is that a guest or a friend of a guest swiped him. At the time there were a lot of weird fools rolling through my pad. That’s like everyone’s 20’s I’d imagine.

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GI Joe S2

G.I. Joe Boardgame: Live the Adventure

2013-08-25 12.09.28

One of my frequent haunts had this G.I. Joe board game for sale for only $9.99. Based on what I could find on BoardGameGeek, it appears players take turns moving a single G.I. Joe character around the board, battling Cobra soldiers using a card-based version of rock-paper-scissors.

If it’s all the same to you, I’ll stick with the Commodore 64 version. Yo, Joe!

2013-08-25 12.09.47

This COBRA B.A.T. Cosplay Is Incredible!

COBRA B.A.T. Cosplay
Most of the Cosplay we share on the site centers around super heroes, it’s not often that we get to present toy themed inspired costumes but when people work wonders like this COBRA Battle Android Trooper we just have to share it.

I apologize that I do not know who to credit for this as the pic was sent to me, but whoever pulled this off certainly deserves a round of applause.

Update: Thanks to the awesomeness of Payton we now know that this cosplay is from Cobra 1st Legion on Facebook and that the photo was taken by Lionel Lum and the B.A.T. is Matt Holdaway!

Hail Cobra

Do You Have The Honor, Courage And Respect To Join…COBRA?!

Hail Cobra
In my youth I loved the world that the G.I. Joe toys, comics, cereal, and animated series allowed me to visit pretty much on a daily basis. I had my favorite Joe characters that I could always rely on leading their team on successful missions against the forces of COBRA, saving the day and protecting the Freedom of my toy box for another day.

I can recall one afternoon when my Father asked as he headed to the kitchen if I was planning on joining G.I. Joe when I grew up and I told him that I was not…I was going to join COBRA. This caused my Father to pause and ask why would I want to join the bad guys? I told him that COBRA had better equipment and more interesting personalities (Like Big Boa and Raptor) but what they were lacking was true leadership.

This caused my Father a bit of unease to be quite honest. I remember him asking me to put my toys away for a moment and we were going to have a talk. Uh Oh. He then began to explain to me what a terrorist organization really was and how the Joe forces were what I should strive to be like. I then let him know that I wanted to join COBRA and become its new leader so I could turn them into a force of good. This put my Father at ease and I was allowed to go back to my playing.

He bought my ruse. Mwa-Ha-Ha!

Yesterday this communique was delivered to my computer and while it might have the great actor David Keith (The Thing, Quick and the Dead) narrating what may look like a commercial…I think it’s a wake up call…it’s time to see if I’m truly destined to rule COBRA!

[via] Reckless Tortuga

I’m not sure if G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be everything that I want it to be but I appreciate this type of viral marketing.

GI Joe S2

G.I. Joe (Commodore 64)

G.I. Joe was released for the Commodore 64 by Epyx in 1985. As far as comic/cartoon-related licensed computer games go, it’s not bad. In the game, one or two players can fight against one another either in man-to-man or vehicle-to-vehicle combat. My friends and I spent many, many hours in the 80s shooting one another in this game.

Reinhard Klinksiek uploaded the following video to Youtube of the game in action. Thanks for uploading that, Reinhard. You are much better at the game than I ever was.

Yo Joe!