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Scream Factory Resurrects 1991’s The Resurrected!

Rejoice, Fright Fans as The Resurrected is finally being given its Blu-Ray release. Thanks of course to our friends from Scream Factory! Just in time when our thoughts began to turn to things Halloween. Furthermore The Resurrected is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward!

The Resurrected boasts some incredible talents. For example in front of the camera you have the likes of Chris Sarandon (Fright Night). As well as John Terry (Hawk the Slayer, Lost). Rounding out the cast are Jane Sibbett (Herman’s Head) and Robert Romanus (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). The film is directed by the late and great Dan O’Bannon (Alien, Return of the Living Dead).

I will admit that back in my youth, while working at the local video store. I knew of The Resurrected. However for some reason I never actually rented the film itself. I think it might actually have had to do with the VHS cover of the time. While I certainly knew of Chris Sarandon thanks to 1985’s Fright Night I wasn’t aware of the Lovecraft connection.
The Resurrected - VHS

The story for The Resurrected concerns a private investigator named John March (Terry). Who takes a case for a distraught Claire Ward (Sibbett) concerning her husband, Charles Dexter Ward (Sarandon). Claire is quite worried about her husband’s actions lately. The scientist’s late night disappearances as well as working with an odd Doctor, they have led her to hire John to find out the truth. Lonnie (Romanus) is John’s right-hand man who aids in uncovering disturbing things about Ward.

There is also that matter regarding the portrait found of Charles’ kinsman, Joseph Curwen.

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It would appear that Charles isn’t exactly feeling quite himself anymore. That might have more than a little to do with finding his lost kinsman’s diary. Which as it turns out contains the secrets of achieving immortality. But who is to stay that gift is meant for Ward and the betterment of humanity?
The Resurrected - Chris Sarandon

So what did I think of The Resurrected?

O’Bannon crafted a very well done H.P. Lovecraft adaptation. And trust me, I know there are more than a few bad film adaptations of the author’s work out there. While it may indeed have been an early 90s movie, it feels like it came from the 80s. The horrors slowly pay themselves out, including generous doses of blood and gore. All of the elements wrapped in a quasi-noir movie.
The Resurrected - John Terry

What about the Scream Factory extra features?

You can rest easy. They have most definitely added worthy special features. Although I was shocked they didn’t include in the listed extras, the fact they have a clip from the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Featuring none other than Bruce Campbell and Quentin Tarantino, presenting the award to Dan O’Bannon for The Resurrected.

  • 2K transfer from the film’s vaulted interpositive film element
  • Claire’s Conundrum – an interview with actress Jane Sibbett
  • The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward – an interview with S.T. Joshi, author of I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft
  • Audio Commentary with producers Mark Borde and Kenneth Raich, screenwriter Brent V. Friedman, actor Robert Romanus and make-up effects artist Todd Masters
  • The Resurrected Man – an interview with Chris Sarandon
  • Abominations & Adaptations – an interview with screenwriter Brent Friedman
  • Grotesque Melodies – an interview with composer Richard Band
  • Lovecraftian Landscapes – an interview with production designer Brent Thomas
  • Human Experiments – an interview with special effects artist Todd Masters
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes from the workprint
  • Home Video Trailer & Japanese Trailer
  • Photo Gallery

The good news is you can head out today and pick up a copy of The Resurrected for yourself. Although if you are worried about the gruesome horrors that might be lurking outside your door. You can hop on over to Scream Factory and place your order online!

The Resurrected - Attack

“Say Ahh!”

The Hound - H.P. Lovecraft - Roddy McDowall

H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Hound’ Read By Roddy McDowall

I have to file this Halloween treat under the ‘Why didn’t I know about this record my entire life?’ category. As I was investigating another legendary horror actor who had a couple of LP’s filled with ghost stories. I was lucky enough to run across this YouTube video uploaded by David Longhorn, long since removed, featuring Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Hound’ from 1962! I would be hard pressed indeed to think of a better actor to tackle the works of the author, right?
The Hound - Roddy McDowall - Night Gallery

While sadly it does appear that Roddy only recorded a couple stories from H.P. Lovecraft, I am grateful that internet has made it widely available. I am of course rather biased when it comes to the work of Roddy McDowall. As is quite evident I believe when you take a moment and listen to the Saturday Frights Podcast for Fright Night or even the The Cemetery. Of the the two podcasts, whose subjects feature McDowall, I humbly believe the latter is the superior podcast offering.
The Hound - H.P. Lovecraft - Roddy McDowall

In the 60’s Roddy was appearing in all manner of awesome films and TV shows. The Twilight Zone, The Longest Day, Batman, and of course Planet of the Apes to name a few!

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Besides The Hound, McDowall on the reverse side of the LP, reads The Outsider. Although I have always been partial to The Hound. In fact and I hope you can stifle a laugh, in my youth…I attempted to film an adaptation. In High School our video production club managed to pull off an adaptation of Berton Roueche’s The Lug Wrench. We even won an award for it in a local video festival as a matter of fact.

Emboldened by our success we began aiming for the moon, which is why I suggested The Hound. In all honesty what I had in mind was something similar to The Crate from 1982’s Creepshow. We scouted local cemeteries and started to round up a few actors to fill the few roles…but it just didn’t come together. I am pretty sure I still have some footage of the cemtery we decided upon – one day I might share that too.

It goes without saying that McDowall delivers a far greater product than what our adaptation would have been, right?

Hope you are in the mood for something spooky! Sit back and enjoy Roddy McDowall reading H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hound!

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