Halloween Special - III

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep. 62 (Halloween Special III)

Welcome to the third Halloween Special for the Saturday Frights Podcast! What better way to celebrate a long night of festivities than listening to memories of slasher films?

This Halloween Special the Projectionist and I are joined by Doug McCoy, Allison Venezio, Daniel XIII, I See Robots, RetroArtBlog and the Retroist!

I think you will agree that this podcast is a relative Halloween-palooza! One that finds most of us transported to none other than Crimson Creek! Will we survive long enough to tell our thoughts on the slasher genre?
Halloween Special - Crimson Creek

Listen and find out for yourself!

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Our intro was graciously provided by the one and only Metagirl!

Our ending theme is “Twisted Toys” provided by the talented Tony Longworth. You can visit his site by clicking that link provided or hopping over to his SoundCloud!

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This Halloween Special contains a cast that deserve links to their spots on the internet!

  • If you find yourself in fact tempted to brave Crimson Creek yourself. Then you need merely order a copy of the game yourself at Toystorian Enterprises!
  • Daniel XIII can be located in his creepy corner of the internet. You can read his movie reviews and more by visiting The Outre Eye of Daniel XIII!
  • Doug McCoy has a whole slew of podcast and works you can find over at McCoyCast!
  • Allison Venezio when she isn’t writing for The Retroist is sharing her works at Allison’s Written Words!
  • To check out all of the groovy and not to mention retro things from Greg aka RetroArtBlog – just click the link!
  • Of course you can always check out the awesome podcasts of I See Robots by visiting his site on the web!

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide From This Friday The 13th: The Game Trailer!

Last October we shared the Kickstarter information for Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game, it was quite the success to say the least as by the end of the crowdfunder they had raised almost a million dollars.

All images courtesy of Gun Media.

All images courtesy of Gun Media.

Of course it’s easy to see why the game caused such excitement among the vast legion of horror fans and gamers. I mean Friday the 13th: The Game has the blessing of not only the original 1980 film’s Director, Sean S. Cunningham (He literally gifted Gun Media the rights!), but features a score by Harry Manfredini, has the legendary Tom Savini acting as a guide as well as Kane Hodder who portrayed Jason in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and Jason X.

Now we have an almost five minute preview of the Alpha Build of the game…and can watch as Jason stalks the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake and their gruesome end when he catches them. Make sure to listen to this with headphones as the sound design is incredible!

[Via] Gun Media

I think I would have bolted from under that bed and ran for the door myself, when Jason was taking care of the radio in the next room. I’ll be very curious to see in the final game if it’s so easy for Jason to teleport around the map…knee-jerk reaction says that it will not be like what we saw in the video. Perhaps when Jason has accrued enough fear from those hapless counselors he can trigger a special ability?

Friday the 13th the Game - Gun Media
I guess we will find out when Friday the 13th: The Game is released this Fall!

Think You Can Survive Being A Counselor At Camp Crystal Lake?

Or perhaps you feel yourself siding more with Jason Voorhees and are ready to not only avenge your Mother but make those pesky counselors pay for not respecting your tragic demise and worse yet the place you call home? Well now we fans of the Friday the 13th film franchise have that possibility to look forward to thanks to gaming developer Gun Media…plus the likes of none other than the Director of Friday the 13th and co-creator Sean S. Cunningham as well as Tom Savini, Henry Manfredini, and even the legendary Kane Hodder!

Now Gun Media was apparently already working on a game called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp when they were contacted by Sean Cunningham, after a few meetings he deemed they had their hearts in the right place and gifted them the Friday the 13th game license but he also helped bring along the other luminaries of the films to help the designers steer the game in the right direction.

Of course Friday the 13th is going to be a mature game…as it should be…so there is just a BIT of salty language in the interview below but I think like myself you’ll be very excited about the possibilities this game will present if the Kickstarter is successful.

All images courtesy of Gun Media.

All images courtesy of Gun Media.

Now the very thought of getting to jump into that 7 against 1 multiplayer madness is enough to make my hands sweat and the scenarios hinted at in the video above with Adam Sessler has me giddy. I’m pretty sure my plan in the game is to find some way to try and slow down Jason to buy me enough time to escape Camp Crystal Lake…I don’t have to be the fastest, just quicker than the person behind me.

Sorry. That went creepy fast.

The Friday the 13th the Game’s Kickstarter page goes a step further and explains what else we players can look forward to:
“Make Your Own Horror – We’re going to be implementing a ‘Movie Trailer’ system that plays at the end of the match. This dynamic trailer will highlight the best moments of every game, in the style of the original 1980’s trailers! Each and every time you play Friday the 13th, you’ll be creating your own little movie. Beyond that, we plan to allow you to share your best trailers. Want to show Jason killing in dark, grisly, or even hilarious ways? Do it! Want to try to emulate the trailers from the original 80’s films? Give it a go. We’re eagerly anticipating some really gnarly cuts from the community’s trailers!

Fear System – Jason Voorhees strikes fear into every single person he comes across, and while many bravely attempt to take him on, most fail. The fear of never knowing where Jason is at any given time is powerful, and counselors will have to do everything they can to mitigate that fear while playing. Get too struck with fear and you’ll start to question what’s real and what isn’t.

Progression – Friday the 13th is a long-running franchise, one with a whole cast of characters. Players will get a unified progression system to unlock multiple Jason character models from the classic films, as well as additional Camp Counselors with their own unique stats and traits.These are just a few of our unlocks and only scratches the surface of what we have planned to engage players over the lifetime of Friday the 13th: The Game. Remember, creative gameplay from both counselors and Jason will result in bigger and better rewards!

The Return of Tommy Jarvis – One of our biggest goals is to bring back Tommy Jarvis as a guide for you, the player. With a stretch goal, we hope to give you a fully 3D environment where you can access stories about Jason, view your progress and even collect bits and pieces from Camp Crystal Lake for use with Tommy Jarvis. Do enough for him, and a special surprise will await you!”

There are quite a few goodies being offered for Rewards. Everything from digital and physical copies of the game of course but also the soundtrack that Henry Manfredini has composed for the game and even the chance to be presented as a counselor yourself! Since the game was just announced on Tuesday the stretch goals haven’t been met yet…but it looks like they have a long list of possible treats in store for us.

Friday the 13th the Game - Stretch Goals - Gun Media

So if you are ready to test your mettle against Jason as a terrified but defiant Camp Crystal Lake Counselor or have the inner fire to don the hockey mask (I still say baghead Jason is scarier) then jump over to the Friday the 13th the Game Kickstarter Page and help bring the game to life.

The ol’ Crystal Lake Boogie

Born to hand jive...and kill

Born to hand jive…and kill

Hey Creeps, what would you say is the most horrific element of legendary slasher series Friday the 13th? Would it be the the gruesome and gory death sequences? Or how about the suspense of seeing children in peril from the undead menace Jason Vorhees? Some may even say it’s Henry Manfredini’s iconic score, but all of you would be wrong. The most terrifying thing about the series is the dancing…

…the horrible, horrible dancing…

…and if Jason had just done this in the first place…

…he would be considered a hero more than a mass murdering psychopath.


Crystal Lake Memories on Kindle

I always have an eye out for Friday the 13th. The day, not the movie. When I realized Wednesday that Friday would be the 13th, I added the first two movies to my Netflix queue and planned a marathon. I can’t watch TV, though, until Baby McCoy goes to bed at 7:30 PM. Hot Pink Heather’s rule, not mine. What would I do in the intervening hours? I’d read Crystal Lake Memories, the authoritative history of the Friday the 13th franchise, on my Kindle.

The e-version of this book was scheduled to be released last Friday the 13th, which was in February, but ebook publishing being what it is (re: the difficulty in getting the ebook to look good on every reader) delayed it. I’d say “sadly delayed”, but since I was unaware of it, I couldn’t be that sad. I had a hunch about it today, though, and looked into it. Sure enough, it was to be released today! And it was! Just too late for me to get to enjoy it. I kept searching the Kindle Store all morning and never found it. It finally popped up at 7 PM California time, a mere half-hour before my marathon was to start. And since I don’t have a Kindle Fire or iPad, I don’t think I’ll get to see the pictures and videos that are reported to be in the “enhanced” ebook version. Nonetheless, I got it and read a few pages. I can’t give a full review, but since I seem to be addicted to info about 80s horror movies, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

You can get Crystal Lake Memories for Kindle and iPad. And though the holiday (?) will mostly likely be over by the time most of you see this, you might still be interested in it. I was.

Camp Blood: The Musical

If you were to take Friday the 13th, slice it down to 30 minutes in length, add plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes and turn it into a musical, you would end up with Camp Blood: The Musical.


Stop me if this sounds familiar: six teenagers (Kris the Virgin, J.T. the Jock, Cain the Rebel, Angel the Goth, Justine the Slut, and Marty the Nerd) get summer jobs at Camp Blood, where there also happens to be a killer on the loose. Is the killer Leo the Janitor? Could it be Simon the Head Counselor? Perhaps it’s the Julieanne the Lesbian Trucker? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Filmed “over two days for about $200” back in 2005, Camp Blood feels a lot like a movie that was filmed over two days for $200. Try to imagine for a moment that you got six of your friends together and spent a two-day weekend making a movie. How good are your six best friends at singing and dancing? That’s about how good the cast of Camp Blood: The Musical is at singing and dancing, too.


Don’t take my criticism of the film’s quality as a vote against seeing it — on the contrary, I highly recommend it! By the time the killer shows up to perform his number (aptly named “The Killer’s Song,” my friends and I were in stitches. If you like parodies of classic “there’s a killer loose in the woods” horror movies (and specifically Friday the 13th), you’ll love this film.

For those that are curious, the movie’s trailer is available on YouTube. I’m not going to directly link to it due to language and drug references (I’d rate the trailer it a solid PG-13), but it’s there. The film walks the PG-13 line pretty closely until two of the female cast members break in to “When the Tops Come Off.” At that point, all bets (and tops) are off.

The hardest part about watching camp Blood: The Musical isn’t (surprisingly) sitting through it — it’ll be tracking down a copy. I got my copy via a giveaway on the movie’s official MySpace page, but as far as I know the film has never been for sale (although copies of the movie are floating around all over the net). At one time there were rumors of a higher quality remake in the works. I don’t know if that’s still the case or not, but if it ever comes to fruition, I’ll be the first in line.

If you’re looking to share a good laugh with your pals after the minor ghouls, ghosts and goblins have hit the sack, track down a copy of Camp Blood: The Musical this Halloween season.