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The ol’ Crystal Lake Boogie

Hey Creeps, what would you say is the most horrific element of legendary slasher series Friday the 13th? Would it be the the gruesome and gory death sequences? Or how about the suspense of seeing children in peril from the … Continue reading

Jason Voorhees on the Arsenio Hall Show

Here is Jason making a memorable appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show promoting Friday the 13th Part 8. A great guest…

Crystal Lake Memories on Kindle

I always have an eye out for Friday the 13th. The day, not the movie. When I realized Wednesday that Friday would be the 13th, I added the first two movies to my Netflix queue and planned a marathon. I … Continue reading

Camp Blood: The Musical

If you were to take Friday the 13th, slice it down to 30 minutes in length, add plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes and turn it into a musical, you would end up with Camp Blood: The Musical. Stop me if this … Continue reading

Killer Trivia: Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you’re looking for a board game to play at your next Halloween party, why not give Killer Trivia a stab? Killer Trivia contains two boxes of trivia cards that contain questions about both the Friday the 13th and A … Continue reading

Happy Friday the 13th

I know its Friday night and its a great day to celebrate, but might I suggest that you celebrate in a less wooded environment. You never know who else may be celebrating…

Friday the 13th (1980)

I enjoy “Friday the 13th”, it is a fun slasher film with a great early 80s vibe. Not much to say about it, that has not been said by a million other people, so instead I will suggest an experiment. … Continue reading