Friday Flyers: Black Knight 2000 (1989)

Sadly I’ve not had the chance to play Williams Electronic’s Black Knight 2000 table by the “Master of Flow” Steve Ritchie in the wilds of the arcade. From playing the original Black Knight I can only assume though that I would have really enjoyed it.

Thanks to gamehulk over at YouTube for uploading this video from California Extreme 2008!

As always a huge tip of the hat to the amazing Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned flyers posted below.

Thanks to Paperclown for posting the main theme to the game on YouTube! I was tapping my foot the entire time I listened to it!

Friday Flyers: Bull Fight (1984)

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned images you see below! Are you ready to step into the video arena to do combat with the most massive bull on the Game Grid? If your answer is yes then you are ready to take on Bally/Midway and Sega’s Bull Fight!

Thanks to MAMECADE for uploading not only this video of the game in action but to John Pio for giving us a review of the title to boot!

Friday Flyers: Atari Soccer (1979)

Do you like Atari? Well then, do you like Soccer? You do? Then I have the game for you!

I’m sure I’ve played Atari’s Soccer in my youth, I can’t quite recall where…though it was probably at the bowling alley. I do however remember getting the flesh on my hand pinched on one of the trak-balls. I was surprised to see it spelled as Trak-Ball by the way, but it’s right there on the second flyer.

As always I want to give a very large thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scanned flyers you see above.

Friday Flyers: Fantasy (1981)

I’ve unfortunately never have had the pleasure of playing Rock-Ola’s, Fantasy, in the wilds of the Arcades in my youth but I remember the Electronic Gaming magazine where I first read about it. Just take a look at the Flyers below, how could I not be interested in playing it?

As always a huge thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scanned flyers above.

Friday Flyers: Tempest (1982)

Programmed as well as designed by Dave Theurer (Missile Command) and released by Atari into the arcade wilds in 1982, Tempest, lays claim to the first arcade game title that would allow you to select which level you started at. Though most fans at the time, including myself, believed this was a space game, David Theurer has gone on record stating that the player was actually travelling through a hole in the ground. The setting was inspired by a reoccurring nightmare the game designer had, “with monsters from the center of the Earth that are trying to get out of the hole.”

Thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scanned flyers you see below. Especially that Tempest coupon!

A big thanks to GlassDarkly for uploading the interview with Dave Theurer over on YouTube!