DEVO has a New Website

Great news fellow devotees! The Spud Boys have a brand spanking new website that is more user friendly and uses their fresh and subdued blue color. If you have not seen what DEVO has going on, you should right away. They have started some drama that I assume is manufactured, with Warner Bros Records, that should prove to be pretty interesting/amusing. Let the performance continue…Duty Now for the Future!

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Download DEVO’s new Song “Fresh” for Free Today

blue energy dome

If you happened to be watching the Olympics last night you were lucky enough to see the greatest band in the world, DEVO, perform. In honor of this momentous event, DEVO has allowed their new song “Fresh” to be downloaded for today only for free. Personally I think it is a great track that is a perfect update up the DEVO sound, but you should judge for yourself.

Wow, DEVO is REALLY back? I am still pinching myself.

Download Fresh [@] Club Devo

If you missed the show at the Olympics, here is a bit of what you missed: