Original Unused Monster Cereal Box Art

If you did not know the Pop Culture Auctioneer’s Hake’s has started their newest action, number 204. It is of course filled with lots of high quality Pop Culture and historical memorabilia, including these incredible Monster cereal premium art pieces. Each of the 3 pieces is from the the archives of premium creators Sam & Gordon Gold and features a Monster Cereal Premium that never made it into stores.

Franken Berry “Swinger Monkeys in a Barrel” Offer

Count Chocula Pencil Caddy

Franken Berry Stained Glass Window

1980s Franken Berry Box

The Monster Cereals are still going strong in most stores right now and should be for the rest of the month. While in some places you can get the cereal year round, for many it is seasonal in its availability. Which is a shame, this is great stuff and their was a time when you could get it at anytime. When you ask? Well just as recently as the 1980s. In the 1980s you could go into any supermarket and spot a box of Franken Berry like the one that John Gavula was kind enough to upload to Flickr. I remember this package because i loved the juxtaposition of the classic monster and the colorful mascot.

Monster Cereal Pencil Cases

The cereal premium market in the 1970s and 1980s was aggressive to say the least. So I am never surprised when a very cool premium I missed during that time period suddenly materializes. This week it is this wonderful duo of Monster Cereal Pencil cases that are being sold at Hake’s. Available in Count Chocula Brown and of course Franken Berry Blue??? booth of the pencil cases also have a nifty little change purse on the front as well. Perfect for stowing milk money.