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Muppet Guys Talking Is Finally Getting Released!

Well, to be honest about it, Muppet Guys Talking has already been released. It actually was released on March 12, 2017 for the South by Southwest Film Festival. Now though it’s going to be released for all of us to see, by way of the Muppet Guys Talking site on March 16th!

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Just as a bit of trivia you might want to know of course, the original title for Muppet Guys Talking was in fact entitled Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show the Whole World Watched. That is certainly a mouthful, right?
Muppet Guys Talking - SXSW 2017

Over these many years that I have been fortunate enough to share my interests on The Retroist. I have continuously shared my love of the work and creations of Jim Henson. Now we have this amazing opportunity to listen to five of the Muppet performers share their memories. Not on just on how Henson led his team of performers but personal tales of how they helped to develop a legacy that is still relevant today.

In Muppet Guys Talking we will hear from Frank Oz, the creator of Miss Piggy, Grover, Animal, and Bert to name a few.

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Also in the documentary is Fran Brill, the talent behind characters such as Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou, and Polly Darton.
Muppet Guys Talking - Polly Darton

The late and great Jerry Nelson is featured in Muppet Guys Talking too. Gobo Fraggle, Count Von Count, as well as Emmett Otter were a few of his creations.

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Bill Barretta is part of the group in the documentary, getting his start with The Muppets backin 1991. He has helped to bring to life Bobo the Bear, Earl Sinclair, and of course Pepe the King Prawn.
Muppet Guys Talking - Pepe the King Prawn

Last but certainly not least in Muppet Guys Talking is Dave Goelz. The performer behind such characters as Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beauregard, as well as the one and only the Great Gonzo!

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So make sure to take a moment out of your busy schedule, go visit Muppet Guys Talking. Let us all prepare to be informed and entertained by the legends in the interview. Furthermore I would be willing to bet we will frequently be moved by the discussions too.

To tide us over until the Muppet Guys Talking documentary goes live. How about we listen to Frank Oz and producer Victoria Labalme talk about how the idea got started.

NBC’S Muppet Pipes!

A big tip of the hat to Retroist regular, Dax, for giving me the heads up on this incredibly important bit of news for us fans of the late great Jim Henson. You may know that the NBC Studios had some pipes in a closet that were decorated by Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Don Sahlin and Jerry Juhl, when they were scheduled to appear on the Jack Paar Program back in December of 1964. Henson and friends arrived at 10 AM for rehearsals but upon arriving at the studio learned they wouldn’t be needed until 4pm, so with time on their hands they opened one of the doors in their dressing room and found a closet full of pipes. Thanks to the MuppetWiki for this quote by Jerry Juhl:

“We opened the door, expecting it to lead somewhere, but instead it was just this shallow closet with a maze of pipes… We had nothing to do, and Don had brought paints because we were performing something that needed touch-ups, so one thing led to another and we started decorating the pipes. It was Jim’s idea — a typical Jim idea — and as the whole thing got more elaborate, one of us hopped in a cab and brought more material from the workshop.”

Word began to spread throughout the studio of what these ‘kids’ were doing and even Charlton Heston dropped by to see what the commotion was all about, though while they were working and Heston announced himself they thought it was someone trying to pull a prank on them!

When they were finished they were informed the pipes would be painted over the following day…then in 1980, sixteen years later it was revealed the pipes had been spared not only the repainting but removal as well during renovations. In 2009 Jimmy Fallon implored NBC Studios to not only make it part of their backstage 30 Rock Tour but put it behind glass as to protect it for future generations. NBC did just that very thing.

In 2010 Brian Williams brought Frank Oz to see the pipes for the first time in so many years for an emotional reunion.

NBC went a step further when Frank Oz along with Jimmy Fallon were invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

A huge thanks to cyrex686 and photobro over on YouTube for these fantastic uploads.

Frank Oz Talks About “The Muppets Take Manhattan”

This is an early shoot made for a cable series called “The Screening Room”. The show started out as a movie review show but we began adding behind the scenes interviews with filmmakers and actors. This is an interview with director Frank Oz regarding the making of his film, “The Muppets Take Manhattan.” The interview was taped in Los Angeles in 1984.