Come And Visit The 1974 Horror Hall Of Fame

The Horror Hall of Fame was a 1974 TV special, hosted by Vincent Price. A show that originally aired on February 20 on the ABC Network. It was a mixture of a talk show with comedy skits and in addition clips from classic horror films. I think you will agree though the greatest moments are the interviews that Price conducts.

The list of guest stars for this special include Frank Gorshin. While probably best known for his role as the Riddler on the ’66 Batman – Gorshin was a quite capable impressionist. Something that you will see in great effect as he pulls off a wonderful Boris Karloff.

John Carradine. This segment is probably my favorite. It is very informative for one thing, with Carradine revealing he was up for the role in 1931’s Frankenstein. As a matter of fact I wish they had included more discussions between Vincent and John. As these two friends discussing their own roles together with those actors who are being honored on the show is captivating.

Other guests on the special include John Astin, Candy Clark, William Tuttle, and Raymond McNally. Co-starring in the program is Billy Van who plays a hunchbacked assistant to Price. Van might be known best for his roles in the The Hilarious House of Frightenstein from 1971. A Canadian children’s series that Price appeared in too!

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Why didn’t they make more Horror Hall of Fame specials?

There were other specials but not connected that I can tell. For three years beginning in 1990 until 1992 – Robert Englund hosted an awards show with the same name. One that celebrated the best horror films, actors, special effects, and TV series. It is a totally different beast though with actual awards being presented.

With the 1974 Horror Hall of Fame it was less formal. I will admit that some of the comedy doesn’t quite work but overall it has charm and in spades. I feel that with Halloween being only eleven days away it is definitely worthy of your viewing time!

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Riddle Me This! How Awesome Is Tweeterhead’s Batman 1966 Riddler Maquette?

The answer is of course to fans of Batman ’66…quite awesome! First of all a big thanks to Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on this awesome pre-order from Tweeterhead.

Frank Gorshin’s portrayal of the Prince of Puzzlers from the 1966 television series is hands down one of my favorite things to watch. He is equally funny and considering how humorous Gorshin was in real life it’s easy to see why, but he was also able to turn on a dime and be very menacing. Watching the 1966 series in syndication after school in my youth was one of the reasons that the Riddler is one of my absolute favorite comic characters.

Images courtesy of Tweeterhead.

Images courtesy of Tweeterhead.

Batman 1966 - The Riddler 1 - Frank Gorshin - TweeterHead

Jump on over to Tweeterhead to take part in the pre-order of the Riddler Maquette and while you are there you might be interested in the other Batman 1966 wares they have to add to your own home…or Batcave. You can even secure a second version that includes a signed Riddler photo from the Frank Gorshin estate!

Batman 1966 - Tweeterhead
The Riddler - Batman 1966 - Frank Gorshin - Tweeterhead

While you are perusing their Batman selection perhaps this would be the perfect time to share Frank Gorshin’s little ditty once again. This song from Frank Gorshin was released on a 45rpm record and was arranged by none other than the legendary crooner Mel Torme!

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The Dean Martin Show Featuring Frank Gorshin (1966)

Lou Rawls and Frank Gorshin - 1977

Lou Rawls and Frank Gorshin – 1977

As mentioned in the Retroist’s Batman TV Podcast, Frank Gorshin was known for more than his fantastic performance as the Riddler, he was also a very talented impressionist. In this clip you’ll also get to catch him trading riddles with Dean Martin and performing his “The Riddler” song that just happened to be composed and arranged by none other than Mel Torme!

Thanks to ToonORama’s YouTube Channel we can catch Frank doing impressions of various actors tackling the roles of Batman and Robin from this 1966 episode of the Dean Martin Show.

Batman: Ring Around The Riddler (1967)

Batman 1966 - IMP Awards
With the Retroist’s Batman TV series Podcast a few days ago it seemed like the opportune time to share this classic episode. The second episode of Season 3, “Ring Around The Riddler”, finds the Dynamic Duo trying to stop the Riddler from controlling all of the prize fighting in Gotham City!

This episode of course stars Adam West and Burt Ward as well as Yvonne Craig, it also features the always wonderful Frank Gorshin, Joan Collins, and a young James Brolin as Kid Gulliver.
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