Shazam By Francesco Francavilla!

Image Courtesy of Francesco Francavilla

Image Courtesy of Francesco Francavilla

With the wonderful post last week by Drahken chronicling the history of the character of Shazam or Captain Marvel it seemed like an opportune time to share this piece of artwork by the famed comic illustrator Francesco Francavilla featuring “The Big Red Cheese” staring down another mechanical menace.

Make sure to click the link provided above to visit Francesco’s blog to see even more fantastic artwork.

Condorman By Francesco Francavilla!

I’ve posted more than a few fine pieces of artwork by famed sequential art illustrator Francesco Francavilla of the Pulp Sunday Blog and frequent contributor to the Comic Twart site. Apparently just before Christmas the subject of the art challenge was Walt Disney’s cult favorite Condorman!

Francesco has this to say about the artwork: “The feather costume was so campy that I decided to challange myself and try to make it look cool. Hope I succeded but you decide :)”

Captain America: Night Drop By Francesco Francavilla

I’ve showcased some of Francesco Francavilla’s stunning artwork before on the site, but over at Comic Twart they’ve just finished up their latest round of art with Captain America: The Fighting Avenger as the subject for this go around, and with the upcoming Marvel Comics movie around the corner it seemed a perfect time to post this. Make sure to follow the links above and prepare to have your jaw drop at the great illustrations you will see.