Baker Street, Baker Street or Baker Street?

Baker Street

Driving to work this morning I heard on the radio a blast from my past – a song called Baker Street. Only it wasn’t the 1992 version from my teenage years, it was the original 1978 version!

The 1992 cover by UK dance group Undercover was a track that I learned the lyrics of and sang endlessly to whilst forcing my family to endure it on repeat play. Whilst I was aware that it was a cover, I’ve not encountered the original until today and I have to say, it is a revelation. The Gerry Rafferty ballad from the late 70’s, in my opinion, is so much better. What were Undercover thinking? They ruined a perfectly good song!

I guess I’m not the only one to encounter this strange phenomenon, where a beloved song is found to be nothing more than a tepid imitator? Judge for yourself, below are three Baker Streets – the first is the original, the second is the cover and the third, a bonus, is a B-side from rockers Foo Fighters.

Let me know if you have a song that you later discovered to be an inferior cover.