Foghorn Leghorn & Friends on DVD

On the weekend mornings I really enjoy watching a nice solid block of cartoons. So a couple of times a year I try and pick up some DVDs of cartoons. I especially like when I pick up a disc the lets me watch nothing but a character who I had not really appreciated when I was a kid. That is exactly how I feel about the Looney Tunes Super Stars disc release of Foghorn Leghorn & Friends.

foghorn leghorn

Foghorn has always been a bit of a B character in the Looney Tunes stable and while other B characters have gone onto shine, I think that he never really got his due. With that in mind, I decided to give this giant rooster a re-watching. Glad I did (of course why would I write something if was not glad). The Foghorn Legorn barnyard universe has great slapstick comedy, wordplay and a host of unique characters who appear nowhere else in the Looney Tuniverse. Mind you, this set has 15 cartoons (14 of which are appearing on DVD for the first time), but only 9 of them are Foghorn cartoons, the rest are other classic Looney Tunes, including a memorable Elmer Fudd cartoon. I would have liked all Foghorn, but either WB is trying to get me excited to buy other collections with these other characters or more likely are waiting to see how this collection does before releasing the other 19 Foghorn Leghorn cartoons on DVD. To the latter I say…bring them on!

Foghorn Leghorn & Friends is a wonderful Saturday/Sunday morning treat that will delight fans of classic Looney Tunes. If you can, watch it with someone younger and introduce them to an under appreciated character. I say, I say — I think they will enjoy it as well.

Looney Tunes Super Stars: Foghorn Leghorn & Friends


Foghorn Leghorn, the overgrown, adult rooster with the strong Virginia accent and a penchant for mischief, is featured as the Super Star is these Looney Tunes cartoon shorts. Watch the diminutive Henery Hawk’s attempts to catch and eat Foghorn, Foghorn’s gags on his canine nemesis Barnyard Dawg and finally the overgrown rooster’s efforts to woo the widowed hen Miss Prissy in this collection of cartoon shorts. Additionally Foghorn is joined on the disc by some other Looney Friends such as Elmer Fudd and Two Crows.

This second installment of the “Looney Tunes Super Star” series, prominently stars Foghorn Leghorn & some of his Looney Tunes friends – Fans have been asking for more of Foghorn Leghorn so I Say I Say I Say Son here it is!

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