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McDonald’s McPizza – Rare Happy Meal Test Market Bag (1989)

Now it may just be that it’s getting time for me to grab some lunch but this wonderful piece of rare test market art has my mouth watering at what could have been. While experimenting in test markets the McPizza … Continue reading

Wackies Cereal Commercial (1965)

General Mills released Wackies cereal to store shelves back in 1965 and it vanished from those same shelves in 1966. It might have had something to do with it having banana flavored marshmallow bits. Blech! [Via] YouTube A big thank … Continue reading

Lego Cthulhu by ((Primus))!

There are many things I hope for in this coming New Year but having a Lego Cthulhu rise up to usher in the end of humanity is not one of them! A big thanks to ((Primus)) for posting this wonderful … Continue reading

Happy Days Collectibles – 1976 to 2011

John Tenuto, sent me a link to his wonderful Happy Days Collectibles photo group on Flickr the other day and I was instantly brought back to my days in front of the tube watching this show. The group has 52 … Continue reading

Fare Thee Well, Halloween 2011.

I hate November 1st. The Autumn People have sadly gone away for another year, all the build up for that magical night of Halloween has been spent. Everywhere I look in my little town, people have taken down the jovial … Continue reading

Sanford Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

I remember when my teacher brought a box of these markers into class one day and would use them to mark up and grade tests. Whenever you got a paper back you would sit their with your nose buried deep … Continue reading

The “All kinds of stickers!” Photo Set

Jason Liebig is a superstar on Flickr. You could get lost trying to sift through all the great things he had been posting on his account. Many of them end of in assorted photo sets and a few have been … Continue reading