McDonald’s McPizza – Rare Happy Meal Test Market Bag (1989)

McDonald's - McDonald's Pizza Happy Sack - McPizza Happy Meal test market bag - 1989
Now it may just be that it’s getting time for me to grab some lunch but this wonderful piece of rare test market art has my mouth watering at what could have been. While experimenting in test markets the McPizza was introduced as a type of Hot Pocket before evolving into a personal pizza and then a full-sized pizza for a family. It seems that the 11 minutes it took for each customer though is what caused the downfall of the McPizza as the wait didn’t jive with the reputation of a fast food restaurant.

Make sure to visit Jason Liebig’s Flickr page to see even more photos and collectible McDonald’s packaging. From his post concerning the image above:
“Now here’s a great piece I picked up late last year.

Long-time visitors to my Flickr might already know I have a particular fascination with McDonald’s attempts to bring pizza into their lineup of fast food offerings.

I’ve tracked a number of different releases both here and in Canada, through the various pieces of packaging I’ve acquired. The earliest releases refer to the product as “McPizza” while later on it was simply McDonald’s Pizza.

This “Happy Sack” is something I’d never heard of or come across before seeing this one. It is, essentially, a McPizza Happy Meal bag. Complete with a whole slew of ingredient mascots.

To me, this is a pretty amazing bit of McDonald’s packaging, and a stellar addition to my McPizza collection.”

Lego Cthulhu by ((Primus))!

There are many things I hope for in this coming New Year but having a Lego Cthulhu rise up to usher in the end of humanity is not one of them!

A big thanks to ((Primus)) for posting this wonderful creation over on Flickr for all of us to enjoy. Really a fantastic creation.

I’m not sure that H.P. Lovecraft had this in mind when he concocted his Elder Gods Mythos but I think we fans of his work certainly don’t mind it.

Happy Days Collectibles – 1976 to 2011

John Tenuto, sent me a link to his wonderful Happy Days Collectibles photo group on Flickr the other day and I was instantly brought back to my days in front of the tube watching this show. The group has 52 photos of collectibles ranging from dolls to autographed photos. Flickr is a great way for people to share their collections online, so I encourage everyone to pop over and check out the Happy Days memories.

Photo All rights reserved by John Tenuto