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Toon In: Popeye – The Paneless Window Washer (1937)

I yam what I yam! As is of course our offering for this week’s Toon In. The 1937 Fleischer Studios short Popeye the Sailor in The Paneless Window Washer. This actually marks the 43rd theatrical cartoon by the Fleischer Studio. Originally released on January 22, 1937 – it involves our favorite cartoon sailor doing his best to prove he is the best and most Paneless Window Washer!
Paneless Window Washer - Popeye - Paneless

You have probably figured out that in The Paneless Window Washer the source of trouble comes from Bluto. Indeed he is the sole proprietor of the Bluto Window Cleaning Co. and has decided to drum up business.
Paneless Window Washer - Bluto Window Cleaning Co

Doing so as a matter of fact by using a hose to splash mud on the windows of the building across the street. Which I hate to say is a rather smart way to keep yourself in business. However, this is an underhanded business practice to say the least.
Paneless Window Washer - Bluto with a hose

Bluto’s plan hits a snag though when he is about to clean the windows of Olive Oyl, a public stenographer. Popeye is already on the job and is ready to demonstrate his own unique style of cleaning windows.
Paneless Window Washer - Popeye and Bluto

Obviously the possibility of losing payment for cleaning the windows he dirtied rubs Bluto the wrong way. Before you can say ‘I yam what I yam’ the two animated icons are engaged in fisticuffs!

Synopsis aside, The Paneless Window Washer is truly a remarkable short. Not just because in its six minute running time it manages to pack in so much humor. It is the animation itself that frequently takes my breath away. While watching it, friends, be sure to check out the angles used throughout the short. Certainly a unique and a refreshing take on animation from 81 years in the past!
Paneless Window Washer - Animation Angle

Now then, grab your favorite beverage and snack and enjoy The Paneless Window Washer!

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Cuphead Announcement Trailer Is Stunningly Beautiful

The Upcoming Cuphead was originally announced back at E3 in 2015. StudioMDHR certainly turned more than a few heads with the below teaser. I was of course blown away by its mix of Fleischer Studio inspired art style. As well as what I have to say looks to be a platformer with shoot ’em up game elements!

[Via] StudioMDHR

As I just mentioned, the game was announced in 2015. Although it was revealed to Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference. Furthermore Cuphead was expected to debut in 2016. In the early part of October 2016, StudioMDHR announced that Cuphead wouldn’t debut until mid-2017. The reason being was a sound one I believe. Instead of forcing themselves to a strict deadline, which would of course mean the excising of certain parts of the game. They wisely decided to delay so that their full vision for the game would be kept intact when it is released on September 29th of this year.
Cuphead - Don't Deal With the Devil

The systems it will be readily available for include the Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. I will have to admit that I was rather shocked that the title wasn’t being offered to the Playstation. However I wouldn’t be too surprised if a little down the road it doesn’t make its way over to the Sony fans.
Cuphead - Carnival

Brothers Jared and Chad Moldenhauer are the lead game designer and art director for Cuphead. They started working on the idea for the game back in 2010 in fact. Featuring hand-drawn animation and watercolor backgrounds, the audio includes original jazz recordings.

I should mention the story for Cuphead involves the titular character losing a bet with the Devil himself. Judging from that 2015 E3 teaser our hero and his pal Mugman decide to fill up with some liquid courage and try to repay that debt. Doing so involves overcoming 30 boss battles. Which is five more than the Guinness World Record says a shoot ’em up has challenged Players with so far.

I have also read that Jared and Chad have stated they are aiming for old school difficulty. While I’m hoping they aren’t going as old school as Capcom’s Mega Man I will buy this game no matter what. My love of animation that I share on the Toon In posts demands I play this game even if I’m horrible at it.
Cuphead - Devil

I ask you to look at these beautiful screencaps of the game in action. That anything is possible in a cartoon feel really shines through!


Certainly a lot of work has gone into Cuphead, the team has expertly crafted a title that wears it’s love of the Fleischer Studios on its sleeve. In addition StudioMDHR has a merchandise page that is suitably retro of course. Pins featuring the likes of Mugman and Cuphead are available. As well as sweaters, T-shirts, stickers and even posters. All looking like they were plucked right out of the animated shorts of the 1930s!

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Now while we patiently await the release of the game…

Why not delve into those very shorts that inspired the creation of Cuphead?

For your viewing pleasure, we present 1939’s Small Fry from the Fleischer Studios!

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Fleischer Studios Presents: The Tantalizing Fly (1919)

I’ll tell you the truth. I honestly can sit and watch the Fleischer Studios “Out of the Inkwell” series of animated shorts all morning long. Fleischer Studios created these theatrical shorts, starting out at the Bray Studios and produced for Paramount Studios from 1918 to 1920. In 1923 the Fleischer brothers created their own studio and gave name to the clown from their popular animated short films, they called him KO-KO and eventually he would be known simply as Koko.

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Koko the Clown would also find his talents needed in the animated adventures of Betty Boop starting in 1931 for the Fleischer Talkartoons series. His last appearance theatrical appearance came in 1934 in the Betty Boop short entitled “Ha! Ha! Ha!”. Koko was given another shot at fame in 1958 when Max Fleischer brought the character to television for 100 episodes thanks to Hal Seeger, the famous clown was voiced by none other than Larry Storch (The Groovy Ghoulies, F-Troop).

Superman – The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and join me as we watch this classic Fleischer Studios Superman short, the Mechanical Monsters, which happened to be released by Paramount Studios to movie theaters back in 1941!

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A bit of trivia, the Mechanical Monsters inspired the attack on the city in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow film, I’m pretty sure you can see the influence when you watch that Superman short. In the direct to DVD feature film, Superman: Doomsday, you can find one of the Mechanical Monsters on display in the Fortress of Solitude.