Fleischer Studios Presents: The Tantalizing Fly (1919)

I’ll tell you the truth. I honestly can sit and watch the Fleischer Studios “Out of the Inkwell” series of animated shorts all morning long. Fleischer Studios created these theatrical shorts, starting out at the Bray Studios and produced for Paramount Studios from 1918 to 1920. In 1923 the Fleischer brothers created their own studio and gave name to the clown from their popular animated short films, they called him KO-KO and eventually he would be known simply as Koko.

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Koko the Clown would also find his talents needed in the animated adventures of Betty Boop starting in 1931 for the Fleischer Talkartoons series. His last appearance theatrical appearance came in 1934 in the Betty Boop short entitled “Ha! Ha! Ha!”. Koko was given another shot at fame in 1958 when Max Fleischer brought the character to television for 100 episodes thanks to Hal Seeger, the famous clown was voiced by none other than Larry Storch (The Groovy Ghoulies, F-Troop).

Superman – The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and join me as we watch this classic Fleischer Studios Superman short, the Mechanical Monsters, which happened to be released by Paramount Studios to movie theaters back in 1941!

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A bit of trivia, the Mechanical Monsters inspired the attack on the city in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow film, I’m pretty sure you can see the influence when you watch that Superman short. In the direct to DVD feature film, Superman: Doomsday, you can find one of the Mechanical Monsters on display in the Fortress of Solitude.