First Person Tetris

Picture a Tetris game where instead of moving the pieces, the entire room moves instead. That is the concept behind First Person Tetris. I was instantly drawn into this new “spin” on an a classic game. The only problem is that the spinning of the room, for some reason, makes me a bit dizzy. Luckily you can always just turn out the lights in the game and play in the dark.

first person tetris

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Play Super Mario Crossover Online

super mario crossover

Played Super Mario Bros till your thumbs bled and no longer find it a challenge? Well move over bacon…cuz now their is something meatier. The folks over at Played Online Mario Crosover have posted their own Flash version of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Crossover. Super Mario Crossover not only lets you play as the old standby Mario, but also lets you choose from Samus, Mega Man, Simon, Link and Bill R. Each of them have the powers they had in their original games which makes the game infinitely more enjoyable for long-time players. Genius Idea and free to play.

Play Super Mario Crossover Online [@] Mario Crossover