Alien Terror

Take A Look At The 1979 “Alien Terror” Movie Viewer!

I think it is more than fair to say that Kenner went all in with Alien in 1979. For example last month I shared the stunning revelation they had produced a board game based on the film. While Ridley Scott’s sci-/horror movie is a masterpiece it was an R rated feature as well. So you might be able to picture my confusion when I learned Kenner had in addition released the “Alien Terror” movie viewer.

In this case “Alien Terror” is an abridged version of the 1979 movie. In fact it is so short that in all honesty if you hadn’t seen the movie it wouldn’t make any sense. Of course there is only so much that Kenner could share from Alien with kids, right?
Alien Terror

By all means, try to convince me this movie cartridge didn’t cause a few nightmares in 1979.

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With this in mind – try to remember that Kenner had certainly found success with their line of movie viewers. Beginning in 1975 when they released film catridges and viewers for Snoopy, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Bionic Woman.

Especially successful for Kenner was the Star Wars movie viewer and cartridges set in 1977. On the other hand there were only four film cartridges produced for that series, plus a fifth that was included with the set.

Many fans have wondered why Kenner didn’t continue with the line. Because of this mystery some people feel that perhaps 20th Century Fox stepped in and asked Kenner to cease production. For fear of cutting into the profits of repeat viewings in the theater.

Now that we’ve taken a look at 1979’s “Alien Terror” why not check out Snoopy Meets the Red Baron?

This film cartridge comes from the Fisher Price Movie Viewer line. It did better than Kenner, lasting until the middle of the 1980s. Thanks to the many licensing agreements with the likes of Walt Disney, Marvel, Hasbro and many more.

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Fisher Price Little People watch Fisher Price TV

Little People Watch TV

I was browsing around the internet during my lunch break when I stumbled upon the image above and was instantly captivated. What’s not to like about the very colorful Little People doing something as innocent as watching a children’s song on TV? The scale is what impresses me most, framing the image so that the TV is essentially cinema-scale.

Flickr user CracklinTulip doesn’t stop there with the Little People, the “Getting Ready To Go” picture below and the “Dog Meets Hydrant” picture below that both highlight just how cool the Adventure People were and are great images which I’d happily turn into canvas wall prints.

LittlePeople Airplane

Little People Dog

The Fisher Price photostream from CracklinTulip is worth a visit if you have any love for these little plastic people and other Fisher Price toys, as is their “Play” photostream for a broader range of retro goodies.

Fisher Price Toys in 1964

Fisher Price - Our Work is Childs Play!

As a parent of two young children, I’ve had to view a lot of preschool toys in catalogs and shops and in too many cases the purchased product hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

I’d wager that wasn’t true of parents in 1964 when purchasing toys from this leaflet! I’d take any of the items below over their modern counterpart bought for my children in the last 3 years! I wonder how many parents still write to Fisher Price to complement them on their sturdy construction?

Fisher Price Toys

My favourite has to be the Huffy Puffy Train, with the Chatter Telephone a close second.

Thankfully, these toys aren’t lost forever – Pixar’s Toy Story films keep the memory of some of them alive to this day.

And of course, Youtube has plenty of video’s to remind you, such as this one: