Smurf Village

I ran across these Smurf villages on clearance at Toys R Us not too long ago. Each had been marked $5 off and I suspect the prices will go lower than that soon.

When I see toys like this in stores today I wonder if there is a market for them? My kids got their fill of small plastic toys from McDonald’s and Burger King. When I was their age I was into collecting action figures; they are more into electronic games already. I can’t imagine my kids being adults and having a shelf full of Smurfs in their computer room…

2014-09-24 15.50.42

…like their dad. ;)

Toyko’s Kaiju Monster Wall

2013-12-29 16.02.05

My local toy hangout Toyko has an awesome wall of Kaiju figures! Some of these guys look familiar and some of them just look weird, but all of them look awesome! I’d like to own all of them, but for the time being I’ll suffice by simply pulling them all off the wall, setting them up on the floor and playing Godzilla with them in the store.

(Note: While the employees of Toyko are all very cool and friendly people, please do not pull all the toys off the wall and set up your own Godzilla diorama without purchasing them first.)

More Tim-Mee Recasts

We’ve talked a lot about Tim-Mee plastic figures on Recently, I got my hands on some new Tim-Mee recasts. The first thing I got was two bags of Galaxy Laser Team figures. I had received a bag of these figures before, but they were black and gray. These new figures were orange, red, green, and blue. The colors were slightly neon and gave the figures a real outer space feel.
Next, I got a bag of Cowboys and Indians. These western-themed figures were red and tan, which I thought was an appropriately western color. They were also slightly bigger than the Laser Team figures. I had some of these figures when I was a kid, and I always enjoyed them. I found the Indians with their bows, tomahawks, and headdresses really interesting. Several of the figures are in interesting poses as well, like kneeling to shoot or crawling forward.
I also got a bad of Legendary Battles figures. These figures follow a western theme, are gray and green, and are a little bigger than the cowboys and Indians. They have a real good heft to them as well, and they have some great weapons. I didn’t have these as a kid, but I really like them now.
Finally, I got the Sea King Rescue Helicopter. This helicopter has working rotor blades and comes with a bag of army men. I had several of these army men as a kid, and I remembered them well. There is a communications guy, a bazooka-carrying soldier, men with machine guns, and a lot more. They can fit inside the helicopter as well, which is lots of fun.
Thanks to Jeff for giving me a chance to check out these great reproductions. I recorded my initial thoughts about them on the video you see below, and if you want to check them out yourself, I’ve put the links below that.

Galaxy Laser Team
Cowboys and Indians
Legendary Battles
Sea King Rescue Helicopter