Mattel Hot Look Sunglasses

Few things were as cool and essential in the 80s as sunglasses, and few sunglasses were as cool and essential as the Hot Look line of sunglasses by Mattel. Hot Looks sunglasses had “radical” lenses and arms that could be interchanged with other, equally “radical” lenses and arms. How radical were they? Check out these pics.




Want your right eye to be a bag of popcorn and your left eye to be a scene marker? You got it! Want lightning bolts on your temples? You got it! Want a whole different pair of “shades” tomorrow? You got it with Hot Look. By Mattel!

P.S. Hot Look was also known as Cool Shades. Apparently they were so radical that neither “hot” nor “cool” was comprehensive enough to describe them on their own.


Dress Like Magnum PI

How to Dress Like Magnum PI

I have always been a big fan of Magnum PI and I find the older I get, the more I find myself coming back to the series again and again. I think at some point in my youth, I determined that when I grew up, I would like to be Magnum. Sadly, the ship has sailed on most of the steps I would need to take to live a Magnum lifestyle. So what is a Magnum wannabe to do? They learn how to Dress like Magnum PI!

Sure, why not! You do not need the detective skills, combat training or exciting lifestyle when you have the gear to make you resemble the coolest private detective this side of Kauai. So here are my suggestions for dressing like Magnum.

The Shirt

What you need is a bold red Hawaiian shirt that worn in such a way that says local and mainland with just one look. You can get really close to the look of the original shirt with the Red Paradise Found Jungle Bird Red Aloha Shirt.

The Baseball Cap

Detroit Tigers of course….

If you are not a baseball fan, you could also pick of a replica of VM02 Da Nang hat that was worn on the show.

The Sunglasses

In early episodes of the show Magnum wore Vuarnet Skilynx Aciers, but those are very vintage and difficult to find nowadays. You could try for the later seasons’ Ray Ban Shooters, but for my money, if you are trying to pull off the Magnum look, I like the Glacier Mountaineering Sunglasses he wore when he was out Surf Skiing. Those are pretty difficult to find nowadays, but the Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses look like they would be a good substitute.

The Shorts

If you got the gams too pull them off, invest in a pair of UDT SEAL Swim Shorts in Khaki. They don’t leave much to the imagination, but what do you care….your Magnum!

The Watch

Magnum wore some pricey watches. I think the earlier season, Chronosport Sea Quartz 30, is the better looking watch, but good luck finding one.

The Shoes

When Magnum wasn’t wearing his “boat shoes”, he was ready for action in his Puma Men’s Easy Riders. They might look a little different today, but the Easy Rider has not changed much since the 1970s/1980s. If those classics aren’t available, check out this list of retro Pumas. Most of the classic Pumas will work for the Magnum look.

The “boat shoes” were Sperry Topsiders. I think the off-white ones he wore were called Seamates and in a few episodes he wore a Standard Brown Sperry Topsider.

The Weapon

Remember folks..shoot responsibly. But if you have to shoot, shoot like Magnum with the very cool Colt 1911 Government Model.

The Team Ring

I almost hate to mention it, because you really got to earn it to wear one, but the Ring worn by Magnum and his buddies has been recreated by a very talented jeweler. If you have the cash and really want to commit to the look, why not check it out.

The Mustache

Really none of these matter without the mustache. So make sure you have a quality Mustache Trimmer and if you are face follicley challenged remember there are alternatives.

Yes, there are a dozen other pieces you could add to your wardrobe or arsenal to make yourself more Magnum-ish, but this is a good start and will certainly get you looking like Magnum in your day to day life. Of course it helps if you live in an oceanfront house or drive a Ferrari, but with this gear you will be half way there for when Robin Masters finally calls you up.

If you just want to show your a fan, maybe you should just check out this very retro, Magnum P.I. Toys Chopper and Ferrari Gold T-Shirt, I am wearing mine right now.

Humorous Star Wars Fashion Illustrations

Not happy with that title. Problem is I could not come up with a succinct title to best describe the art on “He Wears It”. So perhaps I can clear it up here. The artist John Woo takes characters from Star Wars and puts them in fashionable outfits. For some reason the results make me laugh. It makes me wonder if Star Wars Fashion Plates could be in the works over at LucasFilm Marketing.


He Wears It by John Woo [@] Behance