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It’s almost Easter and I’m organizing some of my collection. I unearthed my copy of “Origins of Marvel Comics” by Stan Lee. As I touched the cover, I was immediately awash in some fun Easter memories from 1977. What’s the connection? Well, read on…

When I was a little monster, my Godmother/Aunt Mary brought me a pad of drawing paper and pastels, with a most amazing book, called “Origins of Marvel Comics” for Easter. This is the first in a series of Marvel Fireside books, which includes “Son of Marvel Origins,” “Bring on the Bad Guys,” “The Superhero Women” and more.
Easter Marvels

“Origins of Marvel Comics” was a great introduction to the first wave of Marvel heroes for a younger reader. The book includes reprints of the Silver Age debuts of The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk , Doctor Strange and The Mighty Thor. Then, fast forwards to some tasty Bronze Age material.

Read with delight as the FF first gain their cosmic powers and battle Mole Man, to the issue 55 showdown between the Thing and Silver Surfer.

Can the Fantastic Four withstand the might of the Submariner?

The Hulk gets his turn in his first tale and tangle with the Gargoyle. He then goes swimming against Prince Namor, the Sub Mariner in issue 118.

Listen to the Hulk attempt to thwart an assassin!

Swing on a web to Spider-Man’s debut in “Amazing Fantasy” 15, and get a jolt from his battle with the Shocker in Amazing Spider-Man 72. Thor gets introduced in “Journey into Mystery” 83, against Stone Men from Saturn. He comes back in the Bronze Age offering of “The Mighty Thor ” 143. He teams up with Balder the Brave and Lady Sif against the Enchanters! Doctor Strange has his origin laid out for you in “Strange Tales” 115, then POOF! there he is in a strip from 155. The sorcerer didn’t get his own mag until a little later and had to share his first comic book home with Nick Fury. Wonder who the goldbrick was?

This was an “EGG-scelent ” Easter treat, and as you can see from the photo of Aunt Mary and I, I have the book in my grubby little hands! The photo was taken in front of Grandma Kaizer’s house and there are many more photos like it of my sisters and I, our cousins and more. It was an Easter family tradition to go to Grandma’s where she cooked her “Dupa”and Babushka off and fed the waves of family all day on Easter Sunday. All the Polish food you could think of. Grandpa would play jazz on the piano and smoke cigars. Then, we’d head outside and pose at that exact same spot for photos. That tradition carried on for at least three or four decades and Easter Sunday at Grandma’s was always a great time and now a great memory.

I Hope Peter Cottontail brings you chocolate and something to make you say, ” EGGcelsior!!”

(Apologies to Stan Lee).

It’s Big Bubble Blowin’ Time! – Fantastic Four Bubblegum

I am on a bit of a gum kick so I thought I would stay on topic for the site. Here is an another interesting a Amurol-made artifact from 1983, Fantastic Four Gum. The gum, like Big League Chew, also came in a pouch and contained a 100 “chunks” in 4 different flavors – strawberry, orange, grape and watermelon. I liked to pretend that these gum chunks sloughed off the Thing’s rocky hide and that Mr. Grimm’s soft center was comprised of soft sweet marshmallows, that I could get to if only I could chew enough of these chunks.

Some fun things that stand out on this ad:
– The Invisible Woman is big in the face. It looks like she got some sort of facial injections. Unstable molecules maybe?
– The Thing sells out his catch phrase for this chunk gum – “It’s Big Bubble Blowin’ Time!” C’mon Ben you are better than that.
– The flavors seem arbitrarily assigned, they don’t make any sense. Not sure what they could have done with that, but Sizzlin’ Strawberry for the Human Torch and Wallopin’ Watermelon for the Thing would have been a good start. Any suggestions for Mr F and the Invisible Woman?
– Some weird invisibility going on there, on the pouch. Sue’s powers seem to misfiring and crisscrossing her ample pelvic region.

‘Nuff Said…