Michael J. Fox McDonald's Commercial - First Kiss

Want To See Michael J. Fox McDonald’s Commercial?

Obviously Michael J. Fox is pretty well remembered these days. Family Ties, Back to the Future, and of course Spin City are a few of the films and TV shows he has appeared in. The celebrated actor and activist got his first role in an 1973 episode of the long running Canadian show The Beachcombers. A mere seven years later and he would be appearing in 1980’s often overlooked Midnight Madness. Around the same time, apparently you could see Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial as well!
Michael J. Fox McDonald's Commercial - Title

In this rather charming television ad you will see many of the hallmark elements that made Michael J. Fox a star. Entitled First Kiss, Fox plays a very nervous young man on a date. In addition this Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial is assumed to have been aired in 1980 so that would make it two years before his appearance in The Class of 1984. As well as making it big as Alex P. Keaton in NBC’s Family Ties.

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1985 though was really a remarkable year for the young actor. You had the TV films Poison Ivy and Family Ties Vacation. In addition at your local theaters you could catch Michael in the cult classic Teen Wolf as well as Back to the Future of course. In fact here is a vintage Johnny Carson interview with the 24-year-old star. In particular I enjoyed near the ending of their interview in this clip. When the subject matter turns to the love life of Fox and Carson for that matter.

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Now this McDonald’s TV ad didn’t mark the end of Fox appearing in and acting as spokesman for a food or beverage product. While we may not have another Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial there is the memorable Pepsi one, right?

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Ready to see that Michael J. Fox McDonald’s commercial?

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A Keaton Christmas Carol

I got my Christmas shopping done well in advance this year (thanks much to Flack for suggesting Cyber Monday), but I wanted to pick up a few extra surprises for Hot Pink Heather and my daughter, so I swung into the local Walgreens. There wasn’t much to get there, and as I stood in line I remembered this scene from the Family Ties episode “A Keaton Christmas Carol”. I saw this live and haven’t forgotten it since.

If you’d like to see the whole episode, which obviously riffs on Dickens’ Christmas Carol, you can catch it on Hulu.