Watch NBC’s 2011 Fall Preview Show Online

I know what your thinking, “why a 2011 network fall schedule preview show on a nostalgia site?” Well I personally happen to find the whole concept of the loosely written season preview show to be a staple of TV nostalgia and I want to see them continue (be they on the tube or online). So yes, the content is contemporary, but the vehicle is definitely retro. Now if only they would put one of these together for a relaunch of a Saturday Morning Cartoons, I would be an even happier camper.

I watched the whole preview and found it to be just as I think seasonal preview shows should be. Also, on a non-retro note, I am looking forward to some of the returning shows (Community and Parks and Recreations).


Happiness was the TV Guide Fall Preview

I remember being a kid and having to beg my mother to buy a TV guide whenever we went to the store. She was smart and would usually not budge, because the newspaper we bought came with a TV listings section. Still on occasion she would give into my begging and it was usually for the very special, Fall Preview edition. Retroist Image Pool member, trainman74, has posted many TV Guide covers, including some of the Fall Preview guides that filled my Septembers with such joy.