I’m Telling


I’m Telling was a Saturday morning game show for kids (NBC, 1987-88). It was the same format as The Newlywed Game, only instead of lovers and marrieds, siblings were isolated and had to predict how the other would answer.

It usually featured regular kids, but here’s a clip the final prize round of a celebrity episode featuring Mackenzie “Latter-Day Facts of Life” Astin, and his brother, Sean “Rudy Samwise” Astin.

The Rerun Show

It’s usually a big surprise if a summer replacement show is a big hit – it’s filler and B-grade material by design. In the summer of 2002, Fox struck big with a show about moderately attractive young people singing karaoke that became the most popular television show of the decade, American Idol. I never watched it. Because NBC was airing this bizarre sitcom/variety show/sketch show experiment called The Rerun Show, in which veterans of the excellent L.A. sketch and improv scenes recreated a popular live show and remade, word for word but with a healthy amount of irony, straight-faced mockery, and rampant cross-dressing, memorable episodes of classic cheesy sitcoms.

It only lasted for a few weeks, long enough for just a handful of re-dos of episodes of things like Saved By the Bell, Bewitched, and The Facts of Life.

Fact of Life – Jo has a Heart to Heart with her Computer in “Dear Apple”

In this episode from late “Facts of Life”, Jo thinks about her friendship with Blair with the aid of a talking computer. Not the greatest “Facts of Life” episode, but I love the tech.

Dear Apple Part 1 of 3

Dear Apple Part 2 of 3

Dear Apple Part 3 of 3