Ghostbusters Re-Release In Theaters Oct. 13th!

I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me at my local theater this afternoon, a sign on the door announcing that it would be showing Ghostbusters this Thursday at 7pm and the following Thursday nights at the same time, one showing only.

The first thing that popped into my head was this:

The second thing was this:

Only 500 Theaters in the United States will host a screening of this re-release and to be honest I didn’t think my neck of the woods had a chance. So before you strap on your proton packs and head out the door…make sure to check your local theater to see if you are lucky enough to spend an evening with Dr. Spengler, Dr.Stantz, Dr. Venkman, and Dr. Zeddemore (In Ghostbusters: The Video Game it’s revealed that Winston had received his doctorate in Egyptology) on the big screen.

Make sure to check out the official Ghostbusters Facebook Page for some great behind the scenes photos and fan pics!

Perhaps a great outpouring of support will give us a third movie? Dan Aykrod has been very vocal on the filming starting next Spring, though Bill Murray insists it’s not set in stone yet.

Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet By Tighe Lory

I want to thank the Bring Back Retro Arcades Group over on Facebook for the heads up on what Tighe Lory accomplished, he built an arcade cabinet for his Nintendo Virtual Boy!

Thanks to Tighe Lory for the photo up top and for sharing his creation on YouTube! A big thanks as well to Planet Virtual Boy for this awesome commercial! Kind of a frightening commercial actually.

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Key Giveaway

This Giveaway is Closed

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter is running strong on Facebook and we were lucky enough to score 100 Beta keys to giveaway to lucky readers of the site. So if you are a D&D fan and have a Facebook account, we will try and make it simple as pie to get one. Just post a comment here on the site using a viable email address (not in the post, but just attached to your name) and we will email you a code. You can also send me a Twitter DM (if you are following me) or drop me an email. These codes should go quick, so get onboard.

After you have received your code…

  • Point your browsers to:
  • Enter the Key and click the “Submit Query” button
  • Enjoy Heroes of Neverwinter!
  • For future gameplay, just visit or click the link from your Facebook page.

    I hope to see you all over there soon.