Leave A Universal Monster Everywhere You Go With These Reuseable Stickers!

Here is a fun idea for all of us Universal Monsters fans for this October. We need to scour the internet and purchase all of these 1982 Reusable foil stickers featuring our favorite monsters and wherever we happen to visit post one…in a legal spot and without vandalizing anything…to let other Retroist fans know we’ve been there!

Say like if you were going to visit the Monster-Mania Con this weekend?


You can hop on over to Embrace123’s Etsy shop to pick up this particular sticker pack.

8 Bit Lit Presents: Interactive Super Mario Coin Block Pendant Lamp!

Okay. 8 Bit Lit’s Etsy Page has just jumped to the front of the line on my places to shop for my birthday. My house will not be complete without at least one of these lamps!

From their Etsy page: “This is a custom made touch sensitive lamp after the fashion of the Super Mario Brothers question mark blocks that appear throughout the series. It’s 6 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches, and made of laser-cut plexiglass and lit from inside by energy-efficient LEDs. The lamp is very light and suspended from an integrated 11-foot power cord, so it’s ready to be hung from a hook on your ceiling and plugged directly into an outlet. The internal power supply is 100v-240v compatible, so the lamp will work even abroad with just a simple plug adapter. If you want to use the lamp on a side table or by your bed, we offer a custom acrylic stand (sold separately).

To turn the lamp on and off, merely punch, ahem, I mean touch, the bottom of the cube and you’ll be rewarded with both light and the classic coin noise. Every eight times you toggle the light, you’ll get a 1-UP! It’s very bright in a dark room and still visible in daylight.”

“Never Sleep Alone” Zombie Duvet Covers!

The real question with this awesome zombie inspired duvet cover by the evidently talented Melissa Christie is twofold:

1) Will I actually get a full night’s rest with these on my bed?
2) Can I actually convince my poor Wife that we DO need this Duvet?!

Follow the link up top to secure your own…who knows…perhaps when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs this duvet will save your life?

A huge thanks to Devin over at Badass Digest for the heads up on this!

Tiki Magnum PI by Tom Thordarson

I make it no secret that I am a fan of Magnum PI and the man behind the mustache, Tom Selleck. What I do not often talk about is my love of Tiki culture. I just can’t get enough of it. So when I spotted this piece that combines both of my fandoms with one solid image, I was all over it.

In Tom Thordarson print, he has carved Selleck’s trademark character from the base of an old palm tree. To add a spot of tiki he sports a coconut lei, and to capture the Magnum PI magic, his trademark baseball cap. It would make a wonderful addition to any fan’s collection.

[via] Tom Thordarson [@] Etsy