E.T. does Comic Relief


Every two years, at the start of Spring, the British public do something strange. They wear a Red Nose for a day and take part in charity events around the country, all in the name of Comedy. They’ve been doing this since 1985 with a variety of celebrities from the world of laughter, but in 2001, they were helped by someone a little more alien.

I bet you didn’t think you’d see E.T. sporting that nose today, did you?

The advert, whilst charitable, was really just an extension of a series of ad’s from British Telecoms (B.T.) that ran from 1999 using the slogan “B.T. has E.T.” to UK audiences. The E.T. was re-purposed to mean “extra technology” as this was the dawn of the internet age!

Here are a couple of those adverts for your viewing pleasure.

E.T. Posters – one with every McDonald’s Happy Meal


I recently dug out my DVD of E.T., intending to have my 3-year-old watch it instead of the endless repeats of the Toy Story films. Sadly, he wasn’t that interested, he is perhaps too young, but it made me want to learn more about the film.

This probably means you’ll be seeing a lot more E.T. from me in the near future as the internet is full of many wonderful images of everyone’s favourite Extra-Terrestrial. The image above stuck out to me because of those Golden Arches in the bottom corner. A little digging and I found the site of the artist responsible – David Wiesner.

David has some lovely accounts of his E.T. adventures, including a post about his time working on a series of posters for McDonald’s. The image below is the display for all 4 of the posters available with your Happy Meal.


All four E.T. posters can be seen in greater details from his site and a lot more too on his Portfolio page.

Modern E.T. Figures

I got a bit of feedback in regards to the E.T. hand I posted yesterday. Many of it was from people who were surprised to learn that new E.T. toys are still being created. Based on that I decided to share pictures of a few of the other E.T. figures I ran across while at Toys ‘R’ Us.

This is “Telepathic E.T.”, who comes complete with a house robe, flowers in a flower pot, and his own Speak & Spell. He also has an interchangeable neck, something I was unable to test without opening it.

This is “Night Flight E.T.”, who is all bundled up and ready to take a ride in a bicycle basket in front of the moon.

Why are E.T.’s eyes so big? Because he just saw the phone bill!