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The Ultimate E.T. Fan?

Viceland has an interview with Nick Gjoka, who just might be the ultimate E.T. the Extraterrestrial fan. Nick has thousands of items in his collection (the image below is just a small portion) and has only been collection “hardcore” for about 10 years. Just goes to show, you do not need to be in on the groundfloor to have a comprehensive collection. You just need passion and drive.


This Man, Really, Really Likes E.T [@] Viceland

E.T.: The Ad of the Video Game of the Movie

We all know the story of how the E.T. video game was one of the worst of all time and basically caused the video game crash of 1983 and the death of Atari. Short version: they made more cartridges than there were Atari consoles in existence; the game was rushed into production to cash in on the E.T. craze and meet the Christmas shopping season; millions of unsold cartridges were buried in the New Mexico desert.

But part of that story is the implication that people were surprised that the game was so, so bad. But clearly they must have known, because part of the problem with the game is that not enough people bought it. The fact that it’s a bad game—even by quaint, early ’80s standards—seems pretty evident from the commercial.