Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast

Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Rubiks Cube Revisited Podcast. I know what your thinking, didn’t you cover this subject already? Yes I did, in episode 1 and since then I have been wanting to recover the subject. It was going to be my 100th episode before the Atari 2600 podcast happened, so I waited a few episodes to get this out. While some of the subject matter is re-covered. I added some new stuff and it is more in line with the modern format of the show. I do not plan on doing many revisits for shows, so I hope people enjoy this one. As usual, music on the show was provided by Peachy.

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The Rubik 360 is Poised to take over the World

rubik 360

Professor Erno Rubik is at it again. Not happy with just making the world’s best selling cube puzzle, he has set his sights on the conquering the world of puzzle spheres and has come up with the Rubik 360. Now it’s hard to tell just how exactly the game will be played, but from what I can see in the picture, you need to move colored balls between nested spheres. It seems like it might require more dexterity than brains this time around. Not sure I like that, but I buy pretty much anything with the Rubik brand and will probably be whiling away my late summer with this clear plastic monster.

Look for the Rubik 360 to hit stores this August.