Spaceship Earth

Witness The Firepower of Disney’s Spaceship Earth!

I believe that if you were to travel back in time to 1977. In an effort to interview the overjoyed and dazzled audiences that were leaving Star Wars. Then ask them to share what they felt was the most mind-blowing moment of the film. I am referring of course to moments that just made the audiences jaws drop.

In general I would be willing to wager that two moments from Star Wars would stand out. For the first time viewers I should add. The reveal of how large the Star Destroyer is as it chases down the Tantive IV.

Of course in the first film they went by Imperial Cruisers – it wasn’t until The Empire Strikes Back they earned the moniker of Star Destroyer. I would make the case that the second awe-inspiring moment was the introduction of the Death Star itself.

Having said all of that and coming from someone who saw it in 1977. There was very little in Star Wars that didn’t make me want to constantly live in that universe. As a matter of fact I still love all things Star Wars and look forward to Rogue One as well.

Apparently that is a sentiment shared by the folks at Walt Disney World. As they’ve transformed Epcot’s Spaceship Earth into…the Death Star!

An appropriate choice as the 18-story geodesic sphere naturally looks a little like that fearsome battle station. The design of course helped by the mind of Ray Bradbury, who also wrote the original storyline for the ride.

Spaceship Earth

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Spaceship Earth -ahem – battle station!

[Via] Disney Parks

A very big thanks to Andrew Liszewski of io9 for the heads up on this transformation. I would very much like to be in attendance at Walt Disney World to see this demonstration myself. At the very least I can take comfort that Rogue One is only a mere week away from released to theaters!

The Spaceship Earth Story (1982)


Ever wanted to know more about the geodesic sphere that dominates Walt Disney World’s Epcot? Take some time this morning to sit back and watch this film that discusses the rides creation and purpose. A lot of great footage in this video, plus an overview of the germ of the idea by Ray Bradbury. Information aside, the music should bring a smile to your face. Up with EPCOT Center!

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (1994)

Celebrate with Barbie and her two totally hip friends, Lisa and Stephanie. They’ll take you on a worldwide adventure through Walt Disney World Epcot, and go behind the scenes to experience the making of the fabulous live Magical World of Barbie Stage Show. Without ever leaving Epcot, Lisa and Stephanie have fun with pinatas in Mexico, origami in Japan, pasta in Italy, and more! You’ll meet friends from all over the world who send along special birthday wishes for Barbie.

WOW! It’s time to get ready for the Barbie Stage Show, Lisa and Stephanie will take you backstage where you’ll experience everything from set building to hair styling. What’s more, you’ll actually see Barbie and her friends dancing and singing in great costumes in an exciting peek of the show. You’ll love every action-packed minute! Happy Birthday Barbie! It’s magical Disney Fun! Plus, see an exciting preview of the all new 1994 Barbie dolls and fashions.

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 1 of 3)

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 2 of 3)

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 3 of 3)

** I think I recognize one of the guys in this show from his work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s “Flights of Wonder” as “Guano” Joe. I am pretty sure I have also seen him over at Hollywood Studios and other other places. He is playing the Australian in this special (easy to find at the start of part III). Does anyone know his name?