EPCOT Center and Worldkey Information Systems

When I was a kid we went to EPCOT Center during its first year of operation and I was filmed by a camera crew who were demonstrating how easy the Worldkey Information Systems (the touchscreens around the park) were to use. I guess they wanted to show that is was easy enough for a kid. I have no idea what that footage was for and we lost our copy of the release forms my Mom signed. I have always wondered since and have become a bit geeky about collecting info about Worldkey Information Systems as a side effect.

This video about Worldkey is by far the one I enjoy most online. Sadly I am not in it…

Vintage EPCOT Center Prints by Stephen Christ

As far as Disney goes, I am a an EPCOT Center fan. That is a capital EPCOT with a center on the end. I still prefer visiting the park nowadays, but I am often looking for hints of the older park when I visit (getting harder to find now). I even have a small collection of EPCOT memorabilia, but that is on a crowded shelf and hard to enjoy. So I am thinking of adding some art to my walls that celebrate the spirit of the original park. Which led me so Stephen Christ, who is selling these wonderful prints that riff on the original iconography and images of the park. He is selling 14 in all and I have a hard time picking just one, but this one looks like a good way to start.

vintage epcot print

Vintage EPCOT Center Prints by Stephen Christ [@] imagekind