The Vic Sage Arcade Game By Encom?

Retroist Regular, Atari Adventure Square was kind enough to send this project he was working on last week, made a very nice Holiday gift if I do say so myself. With Tron: Uprising set to hit the airwaves in a couple of months, perhaps if we pester Disney enough they’ll finally allow Encom to release the Vic Sage arcade game to my neck of the woods!

Speaking of Tron: Uprising, check out these brief new clips from a recent Disney XD commercial.

I really like Bruce Boxleitner’s dialogue in that clip, I expect this series to fill in some blanks between the original Tron and Tron: Legacy, I’ve learned a little bit about the series but I won’t post anything so I can avoid possible spoilers. I also really, really hope they have some toys coming out for it.

A huge thanks to Atari Adventure Square for the wonderful art and to PCzuelo180 for posting this commercial over on YouTube!

Saturday Supercade: Space Paranoids Commercial

This is one of the mock commercials I discovered on the Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray. After the Flynn Lives: The Next Day segment you are presented with an arcade screen full of High-Scores and ‘players’ initials, you can then use your remote to enter new initials…like Gam, which gives you this little treasure from Encom’s past:

You might want to turn your volume down just a bit for this commercial.