Gameplay Mapping Using an NES Emulator and Timelapse


Above is the actual path that a player takes while play Super Mario Bros 3. The guy who came up with this who goes by the username ahefner has cleverly made a way to build a gameplay automap while he plays. These could be used as a guide for future users who want to know the proper way to play a particular side scrolling game. Super cool.

To see the full map and to get more information on how he did it check out the NES Timelapse Hack.

Rock out to Guns-N-Roses with D-Pad Hero


You like Guitar Hero, but want to play it old skool? Then may I suggest a little D-Pad Hero for the NES? That’s right you can feel the rock out on this free ROM for the NES on your computer through the magic of Emulation. Download it now and rock away your morning to artists like Guns-N-Rose, Michael Jackson and A-Ha. I been playing it a lot lately and I think you will agree, if this game had been available for the NES back in the day, it would have been a huge hit.

Download the D-Pad Hero ROM
Download NEStopia to the NES emulator